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Yeah that works, add me on discord Pulše#9238

are you able to make art?

Hey guys, I'm relatively new with Godot but I've made one game with it already (on my profile) i have lots of experience making 2D games in unity and I have loved the transition to Godot. I'm trash at art so if any artists want to pair up that would be amazing! Let me know

Hi, I can develop in Unity or Godot, but in the spirit of challenging myself, I would prefer to use Godot. I'm most experienced with 2D but would be willing to try 3D. I'm looking for an artist to pair up with! please PM me or message me on discord if you're interested Pulše#9238

I feel like spiderman(frog) lol, great game. Love the art and sound. Also the swinging was very fun

Very funny game, love the use of the restriction, Great Job! 
P.s. The plopping footstep noise is amazing lol

Great game! I enjoyed the art and the sticky tongue mechanic

Hi! First jam, and new engine, lets hope I get a submission in haha

First-time jammer! I'm good with programming, not so great with art. I'm swapping over from unity to Godot so it will be a bit more of a challenge for me, my timezone is EST. If anyone is willing to pair up that would be awesome!

Really great game! I like how you have to balance the act of moving and aiming at the same time. Maybe you want to shoot left but move right to avoid the enemies? Well  you have to properly navigate and choose what input you want to do. It makes for great fun, good job!