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I have another generator that I wrote for my dnd game that generates people (on the scale of hundreds of households), and I'm trying to use the maps in my dnd game. Essentially, if every building just had a lil unique number on it, then when my players walk up to say, building 103, I could then cross-reference my list of people to tell them who lives in building 103. Think of it kind of like the address of that building?
Them coming numbered would just save me the time of having to add a number to them myself. I'm only really using this for medium and smaller maps though. 

Thank you so much for your response! 

As far as I can tell, there isn't a feature to just add numbers onto the tops of the buildings. Of course, I can do this by hand, but it gets a bit tedious after a while. I'm using this connected to a list that I've written up, and it would be very convenient if there was some way to have the map generate with the numbers already on each building. 

Thanks in advance! 

Is it possible to change which monitor it comes up on? I can't seem to get any settings to pull up, and all the icons are unusably-tiny on my 4k monitor