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Great Game was a lot of fun!

Awesome Game! To be honest I didn't know this was a scary game, so I was kind of scared at times, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! Great Job!

This game was unbelievable! I enjoyed it a lot! Great job!

Awesome Game! The graphics were great and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Very Creative Game! I Loved playing it! Great Job!

Great Game Zhiming Chen and Jewell Popp! It was a very cozy game and I enjoyed playing it a lot!

Great puzzle Game! I enjoyed it alot and the dog was super cute!

Hello! Great game  Eloïse Zirotti and Robin Six! I thoroughly enjoyed playing it!

Great Game! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Hello! I thoroughly enjoyed this game! Making Vietnamese food was a lot of fun! Great Job!

Great Game Adam! My game did crash once, but i retried the game and it fixed itself in the end!

Hello! This is my first game every streaming on Twitch and on Youtube! I thoroughly enjoyed playing it Harry Alisavakis! I will be playing more interactive story games and indie games like these on my channel!