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Defo worth it! Gonna buy it first time i get some extra cash!


You sir are a Legend! Great work!

The only question I have left is.... Why are not not rich yet with such a great talen :D

Hi there! Great work as always I do watch your creative progres from the very start however there is one question I have. You got me confused about the licence here. In the products description it says "Feel free to use the sprites in commercial/non-commercial projects! If you do, please consider tipping, or at least dropping a comment down below.  Happy developing!"

However there is a link to "You can read about licesing here!" where it states clearly we are not allowed to use your art in commercial projects. Could you explain?

Amazing asset. Would fit great with my commercial project I am currently working on. However I am not sure about the licence for this.

Wow no joke this is epic.... Love the desing and colours used! You sir got some talent there!

My lord....amazing!

What is the licence for this beauty?

I am super exctied to see what more you will come up with! 

EPIC! Cant wait for FIRE!

Oh wow! This is amazing! Is it ok to use in commercial projects?

So this asset is free to use in commercial projects as long as we will credit you yes? <3 It looks amazing btw.

Is it ok to use in commercial games? What is the licence on these great weapons!

What is the licence on this amazing asset?

You are a LEGEND!

Looks amazing! Is it free for commercial use?

You are so talented!

Oh man this is a really good one! Cant wait for Fire Elemental!

Great work but I dont think the white outline fits with this art or nor it will fit with other artists games if downloaded and used.

Really love your art style!

WOW! Amazing! Only thing i would like to know is the licence for this amazing asset!

Ahh no problem! Hope your project is going well!

This is amazing! Cant wait to save some money for this asset!

Please do find the time your art is amazing! What about characters used in your demo video?


Whats the licence?

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Where are more characters!

AMAZING! Free for commercial use?

You made this!? This is amazing! Ok for commercial use

Amazing! Is it ok to one day maybe use this commercialy?

Oh man amazing! and what about the licence?

My god this is amazing!

That black mage is amazing too! Would change the shooting animation tho. Either more impact or no impact at all.

This is rather unique! I love this

This is soooo good man!

Thank you so much! I cant wait to use this one day in my project! Is your profile pic also your art?

Really love the slime desing! Unique to all the ones I have seen! Really amazing work.