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Amazing and what is the licence for this amazing asset?

When you say 100% copyright free am I ok to use this in my commerical game with other songs of your making? I will like i said in the other comment make you part of games credits and share my profits with you if I get any. You really deserve it.

Oh man what a nice emotional song list. If I ever make a game and use your music in it I wil make sure to credit you and share my profits with you. Please make a note of this! I will!

Free for commercial use?

Fish swim to fast....

Becasue man this is the most dedicated and EPIC work I have seen on this site.

Where can I buy the whole thing? And if I purchase it once would I have full life access to it and for commercial use?

So whats the licence for commerical use in mobile games?

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How can free art for public commercial use be a scam? Perhaps you lack of simple skill called reading?

And looks like you were jelly of my complement and had to comment for attention :D Nice one mate!

Looks good! Whats the licence?

OH man this is incredible and would fit perfect with my game what is the Licence?

Amazing! If I will ever have time can I use this in my game? Is this Public Domain assets?

THIS IS AMAZAING! What ist the Licence?

Like? I love this! Really great style! Thanks for your reply.

What is the Licence for this beauty?

Really amazing work. Great talent.


You Sir is what I call a Legend!

What a pro!

Oh man great assets! But you should really put all the files into one Zip folder! Its so hard to download it one by one.

Great work! Amazing talent!


Oh my god! This is like all your work amazing! You should make an arena fighting game out of this hahaha! Would be a good experience! BTW your licensing is still rather confusing :(

Really great quality animation!

Free for commerical use? :P

Oh man looks amazing!

Oh man! This is amazing!

Holy shit!



Defo worth it! Gonna buy it first time i get some extra cash!


You sir are a Legend! Great work!

The only question I have left is.... Why are not not rich yet with such a great talen :D

Hi there! Great work as always I do watch your creative progres from the very start however there is one question I have. You got me confused about the licence here. In the products description it says "Feel free to use the sprites in commercial/non-commercial projects! If you do, please consider tipping, or at least dropping a comment down below.  Happy developing!"

However there is a link to "You can read about licesing here!" where it states clearly we are not allowed to use your art in commercial projects. Could you explain?

Amazing asset. Would fit great with my commercial project I am currently working on. However I am not sure about the licence for this.

Wow no joke this is epic.... Love the desing and colours used! You sir got some talent there!