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I bought this game as part of a bundle and the mac version won't even open.  Does it not work with newer mac updates?

Not for trackpad but other than that, a wonderful, calm, cute game.

This is the best game ever! I played it on stream and  next stream I was playing open mic! I can't wait for Headliner! 
As I was playing I was wondering how I hadn't heard of this game, more people need to know about it, its so good.

I really enjoyed this game and enjoyed streaming it even though I am not a huge sci-fi fan.

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This game was very fun and managed to be creepy without realistic graphics.  My only wish is that it was longer because I was left wanting more.  I ended up streaming the second one immediately after. 

Short and to the point. As someone who has dealt with sh/si whatever you want to call it for 10+ years, this was accurate.  It was also put in a way that I think others can also get a glimpse into what it emotionally feels like. Awesome job!

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Played this game live on stream and wow. Amazing job! Hard to get through in the beginning because I was gagging at how gross it was but I knew what I signed up for.  The story was heartbreaking, terrifying, and very accurate to decomposition.  It was so well done and is one of my favourite visual novels I've played/read. Thank you!