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OK, thanks for this contextual information! Makes a lot more sense.

I am of course delighted to have this free, easy to read version of MorkBorg...but it seems strange to have a format that is designed to be easy to read, and then have a bunch of random tables in the front pages, seemingly in lieu of a table of contents. Is this an intentional design choice I am not understanding, or a last minute editing/layout whoopsie?

I’ve never played the first, so I don’t have a point of comparison! But the 2nd edition cards really helped by baby TTRPG table create a wild and zany story in 2 hours. 

The Buly Pulbit website has a free template for designing your own card set:

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Would love to see a version of this configured for the 2nd edition of Fiasco with cards, including the possibility for online play! (They have an official 2e module on Roll20 but I don't know how well it works - I bought it and immediately got overwhelmed by the UI)

Is a physical copy of the book available for purchase in any manner?