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how about instead of locking you out, they make you lose a chunk of the hunger meter? or the "sick" state just makes you hungrier faster :p

thank you! and yes, it's all Godot :)

thank you !!

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you get health from killing enemies :) happens more often the lower your health

thanks man im glad you enjoyed

you're the 2nd person level 2 is crashing for... most interesting

will try to see if I can replicate and fix. thanks :)

planning to introduce multiple different swords with different stats!

you are awesome for playing it

thanks! me too

thanks man! ty for the video

thanks man. really stoked you showed it to your friends lol. appreciate the feedback. making the game clearer to understand is a big focus moving forward

this is how it used to be—i think I'll reintroduce it but at a much smaller degree of health gain. was just too OP before and couldn't figure out how to balance it

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weird about the false positive... I'll see what I can do. camera zoom is by far the most common complaint, so that's already fixed in my current build—it will be far more configurable and adjust for different resolutions :)

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thank you for the advice—i haven't had the chance to play bearcycle this time around but I will soon.

you can reflect missiles by using the slice attack :D

yeah—increased mobility and double damage. I'll make it more obvious

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Thanks! you are going too easy on me with the feedback lmao. much appreciated

you gotta beat the level!

I think I agree with you on the starting settings :) I was thinking about disabling the side goals by default too

thank you, i guess we'll see's a feature...!?

good advice, thank you

nice work. it's a little hard to see the enemies sometimes because of the color scheme, but its not very big of a deal. i think you could go without mixels, but its a personal preference. other than that, it's metroid with free aim... hard to go wrong with that. maybe you could stand to include a mechanic that subverts the expectations, tho

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too fun. i like the sound direction and the concept is solidly executed. some suggestions:

  1. you need to fix the hit detection. what is the collider for the tongue? i've found, especially with the pink frog, the tongue just goes straight through the flies often, even when visually connecting. this can be fixed easily with longer/more generous collision shapes.
  2. add a border to the game screen, because as it is it's impossible to target any bugs that are flush against the wall (which happens a lot), as the cursor exits the game screen and will just click outside the game. actually i ended up clicking the close tab button by accident while playing. not good!
  3. the punishment for eating ladybugs is really severe, and non-interactive. especially later on (~150+ seconds in), even just one ladybug at full health will spell death if you don't get extremely lucky. consider making the cooldown shorter, and introducing some other kind of punishment like a slower tongue speed.

Thank you!! glad you enjoyed :D

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Made a new page because Itch's algorithm completely messed up the visibility for the last one. Sorry bout that

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Made a new page because Itch fucked up my impressions. Sorry bout that

It took me a little while to understand wtf is going on, but thats probably because i haven't played Battle Network.

core gameplay is good. i like the deck building elements - the game feels fast paced while also offering strategic depth. good stuff. i can't really offer any advice as to specific details or balance because these kinda games are a little out of my depth, but i just wanted you to know it feels nice and satisfying at a baseline.

i don't know if there are more levels outside the starting area on the blue tiles with checkerboard background, but i think fleshing out your world design is gonna make this into something that really pops

Awesome music. Did you make it?

there already is ai, try the "vs CPU" button. and thanks!

yea im double dipping what are you gonna do about it


you touched on a lot of really juicy subjects!! i'll be thinking about how to make it clearer when the player is being hit and how to avoid dying, and i've been trying to find a good compromise for what the lock-on effect is achieving right now - it's just simply too hard to hit enemies without something to help you "aim". someone had the cool idea of having an ability to somehow slow down time to aim yourself, or i was thinking that maybe on hit you had a split second to change your direction so you could chain together several enemies in sequence in a more directed way. i dunno.

as for temp invulnerability on hit, there is already a buffer time for dying (the flashing and beeping when you're at 0 blood) so i dunno if i want to add even more of that or else it might be too difficult to actually die ever, but i am thinking about ways to circumvent it. maybe something like earthbound where instead of taking damage all at once it's sort of spread out over time (though it would be a much shorter time for this game, lol. and you're right about the weird reflecting missile hitboxes - i think i'll just have a bigger circle area thats active all around you when you're slicing for reflecting missiles. collision is one of the harder things to make feel right in this game - i'm trying tho.

thanks so much, really!

thank you! on one hand i also like the mindlessness but i also plan to introduce more strategic elements :)

wowow i will have to watch this and report backwhen i have the time! thankyou so much!

Good points!! glad you liked! Yeah I recognize the game is a little too easy right now, but I have a lot of new enemies and challenges planned. I decided early on this game isnt supposed to be a shmup/bullet hell or anything like that, so dodging isnt the main challenge - i'm focusing more on managing your blood via positioning and maintaining combos. hopefully this all becomes more clear as the game develops :D