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Really fun! The suspense got me good. You also got an Ivy screenshot out of me so well done!

Super fun! Left me wanting more :))

Super short but fun! These games are my new obsession

Little late to the game but it was awesome! Love where the story is going and can’t wait to play the full release! :)

I had so much fun playing this! Still scary but really entertaining.

super fun!

Sanity lost..


that was such a tease! pretty spooky atmosphere and the jumpscares definitely got me! overall pretty fun game to start off 2023 ^-^


I've never been so caught off guard in my life XD great job!

Even though I was losing my mind trying to kill Santa I had a really good time! Made a video if ya wanna check it out :))

This game was so fun! Here's a vid if u wanna check it out :)) Sorry about the confusion haha >.<

This game blew my mind! I was NOT expecting it to go that way and it really got me terrified! Awesome job I can't believe this is your first game 😧

This was a super unique concept! I liked how I kept getting rewarded but it also kept me so on edge. Super cool :))

I LOVE that this game is developing some lore! We need some justice for Woolie >:( There's so much potential so I can't wait to see what the full game has to offer! 

This was so much fun! Awesome atmosphere and the amount of scares was perfect! I also loved how it was different than the traditional narrative. That's all I'm gonna say ;)

Loved this!! Really cute and well made.

I should've played escape mode WAY sooner I loved it! Loved the update too it gets me in the spooky mood 🎃

LOVE these types of games! I was dying watching Wooly.

I really hope there's gonna be more! I love how I hated the music at first but then I found comfort in it LOL

i really enjoyed! that jumpscare was totally unexpected :o

Can't wait to play the full game! I will be a lot more prepared LOL

Had me on the edge of my seat the whole time! Also had an amazing story it really took me on an emotional roller coaster. 10/10!! 

Really fun! Hope to see more games from you in the future!

I love how I couldn’t stop laughing but I also got a great scare in! Really well done!!

Really enjoyed this!

This game totally exceeded my expectations. I absolutely loved it! 

So fun!! The ambiance was terrifying!! :o

Ahh that makes a lot of sense. Thanks so much for the clarification!! ^-^

This was the best visual novel game I've ever played. Highly recommend!

Nothing could've prepared me for that.

Very fun! Loved the different endings.