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Thank you so much for playing!

I really like your game especially the level design. I like how the levels are arranged from easy to hard and how you introduce the new mechanics. This is a well-polished game for such a short time. One suggestion would be I wish there are more connections between Sibyl and Ranger, like stepping on a button to open a new space for Ranger to go in. Sometimes the gravity trigger seems to break their collaboration a little bit. Also, I noticed if you let Ranger turn to a platform next to Sibyl, Sibyl can get stuck on the platform. I don't know if that's a bug or a feature, just to let you know. Overall I really like your game, there are a lot of great concepts!

Really good concept, I think this is a lovely game. The direction is a little bit confusing and it is kind of hard to use the cam moving function because it moves too slow. One suggestion is that maybe when the player put the mouse at the edge of the camera it will also move the cam. Also, I think the speed of spawning the files is too fast, and it could be a little overwhelming because of all the text, so maybe you can slow it down a little bit and make the pace goes slower. Overall I really like this game!

I really like how you incorporate the baby dolphin's characteristic into your own game play, like how you need to go to the surface of the water to get air but you still want to swim underwater because you have a higher speed in the water. This is really a good moving mechanic. I also like how you are able you swim with your family when you reunited with them. One suggestion is that the map do seems to be a little bit too big to find something in it, and I often get lost with the sence of direction. I do agree with the Finn's comment that adding some landmarks would be make this better. Also I think maybe you can let the other dolphins scatter around the map, so you can find them one at a time and there's more chance that you can meet at least one of them. It is kind of furstrating if you swim in the water alone for too long, but it's also okay if that lonelyness is also your approach. Other than that, really good game and I like it a lot! 

I like your approach to this game and how you mimic the bunny's pov so realistically. I do feel like ending the game when you find the wrong ball is a little bit in tense and contradict to the mood of the game. One suggestion is to add more thing that could interact with the bunny, and only end the game when the player find the correct ball but no punishments when they find the wrong items. Also you might want to lock your cursor to the center so that it is earsier for the players to control the view. Overall I like this game and I can feel how cute the bunny is even I cannot see it. Good work!

I really like the vibe of this game. It is really a chill game so even I cannot get any fish for my first couple of round, I won't feel frustrated, and I will just keep letting the hook dive down and try to catch one fish. It is also really awarding seeing the fish getting dragged all the way up from the bottom. One suggestion is that maybe you can lower the hook a little bit a last when the player is trying to get the fish, because the perspective is really misleading and it is a little bit too hard to predict where the fish really is. Overall it is a fun fishing game and a creative approach for this week's game. Good job!

I feel sorry that we are unable to actually play your game, because I really like your visuals and the mood you are creating in your playthrough. I really like the cloud and the mountain's effect and I am really wondering how you did this. For suggesstion, I don't have much of feedback since I am not able to actually play it, but I think it would be good if there's a speed change, like the speed would slow down when you turn and become faster when you go down, so it feels more natural, now the movement like of looks like a plane or a droit. Overall, I like the style a lot and I am hoping that maybe you can fix the build problem in the future!

It is really hard for me to draw the letters using the touchpad but I kept trying because this is really fun to play. I also like how you introduce the game at the beginning, the way of telling the story is really appealing. I think one suggestion I would make is that maybe you can add some more stories behind (if there were more time given), because I am expecting the words I write could indicate something and maybe I can get out of this world. Overall I like this game a lot, nice job!

I really like your idea of using the shake of sprite to let it fly. The action is really intuitive and interesting to play with. I do agree that the direction is a bit confusing, so add a instruction would be great. Also the white out when the bottle hit the ground is a little bit long, so that when the player dies quickly, the only thing they can see is white and it is hard to figure out what happened. Other than this, everything else seems really good, nice work!

I think this is really a creative approach for this prompt and i like it! Although I think I was a pretty mean professor but somehow I get really high ratings. I do think it would be better if the players can also inspect the objects when they press inspect closely, maybe that would create a stronger "grading" experience, becuase right now I can only see the lable when I inspect closely. Overall really nice work!

I feel like this game could almost fit in last week's prompt too. I like your choice of asset and the way you group them together. The cracks looks realistic and the crying sound suprised me. One suggestion is that if you have more time working on this, maybe you change change the sprite a little bit acording to the different output, so that the players would feel like there are more outcomes than just changing the text. The sprite doesn't necessarily need to be something fit the text, maybejust even a color change would be better I guess? Nice work!

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I really like your concept of making a cliker game. The visual style is very interesting, I like how you group realistic figures together in a non-realistic way. My game did crash after several thousands of fish and I think one way you can fix it is maybe delete some of the fish once they fly too high and become too small to see? Maybe you just need to keep the fish's amount at 100 or so to make it looks like there are a lot of fish. Overall I like this game!


Thank you ;) I was intended to only let the player restart once the fish dies but I didn't aware about how players want to play it again after they win. I think I might add a restart button to the title page once the fish enters water sucessfully.

Didn't expect to get such helpful feedback and deep reflections. I didn't think much about the ending but those you talked about really seem to be some good approach. Thank you for playing and leaving comment!

Thank you!

I enjoy this game a lot! I get a fire wizard and I like them. I really like the mood this game is creating and I feel like I am not having a pet but rather having a friend that can talk to me. I think this is a really complete game, and the art style is really good. For suggeston, I think maybe you can add some gameplays after the wizard is changed and starts working at your home, like some little animation and movements, if you want to develop this game further more.

I really like this low poly style snake. I like how it can rspons differently to the player's action! The modeling and animation is great. One suggestion I would make is maybe to add more action to the snake, maybe let it move on the screen occasionally and add more interactable objects in the background like food or cages if you have more time to develop the game. But overall it is a cute game

Really like the concept of this game, and how simple it is feed and create a living on your ghost pet. It feels like a business game where you have to manage your input and output, and I think this is an interesting approach for a pet game. The process of taking photographs also feels good, and it is really satifying taking pictures for ghost. The suggestion is that for such a cute pet game, making the player die seems a little bit wired (maybe it's just me). Maybe you can change it to if your health goes down too badly the player need to go to the hospital and spend more money, and if you are too poor to do anything the ghost will leave, or some other approach to end the game. Or you can add some more horror elements to make it a horror pet game. Overall really good game!

I love your art and concept for this game! I think the idea of putting pressure on your virtual pet is a very different but interesting approach. For suggestion I think the game goes too slow, and sometimes I don't feel like my inputs have any affect to the game. I think if you add some more instant inputs it would work better!

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I really like the subect and how different a virtual pet it is. The music and the text system works well when they don't have bugs, but sometimes I do have problem with sending the text without finishing them. For critique, I think for a text base game it is better to have a more complete narrative background. If you have more time working on this, you can maybe choose to add more stories between the player and kitty! Overall great work!

I really didn't expect what would happen in this game, and I love the ending! This is a totally different but successful approach for this prompt and I think narrative wise it is quite complete. I like the suspension you created in the middle when Max start talks to you, and I like how the game stays after the all the narrative is over. The only suggestion I would  make is that maybe you can add more interactions with Max(like more activities or even some text options you choose to say to Max), so that the player may be more connected to Max, which can maybe strengthen your theme. Also maybe you can change the title and the cover page a little bit to make it more deceptive if you want? Overall I like this game a lot and I leave this game's web page on for a pretty long time ;) 

Thank you! Very helpful feedback and I would definetly consider those changes!


Thank you! The art was sort of a last minute thing so I will definitely redesign some of the elements in the future. Also level editor is a useful advice!

Thank you for your feedback! I will definitely recheck the levels to make sure every level is solvable.

I really like your concept and mechanic in this game.I feel like this game have potential to be a viral mobile game because it is easy to pick up but you also need to try hard to get a really high score. For suggestion i think maybe you can tune the ball's speed and physics a little bit more. The ball's starting speed is really slow so when it bounces multiple times the game would go really slow, however when it falls for a long time it gains too much speed so there would not be enough time left for the player to react. Maybe you can try to let the ball go faster and have a smaller accelaration, and you can try adding the speed in later levels. Also you can add more things in the game like different floor shapes to make the levels have more variaty. I think this game's mechanic gives it a really solid base and I really like it!

I really like the response of the drum when I press the button, and I also really like the color scheme, which makes me think of Beat Saber. However, I think  the drum comes in a little bit later when I presss the button, so it is hard to keep the drump in a consistent speed along with the background beat. I feel like if the beat input gets more instant it would be a great prototype for a rhythm game. I think if you can add some more mechanics that goes along with the beat it would be more interesting. It doesn't need to be like classical rhythm game with the scoring and timing, maybe just some more simple interactions along with the input would be great. 

I think you did a really good job of creating a peaceful and calm mood for this game, especially with the spinning of the rock and the sound of the rock touching the water. The way the rock jumps and fall into the water is really satisfying to watch and play with! As for critique, I think maybe you can give more indication about how high the rock is above water. I feel like most of the time I am just watching the timer and press the button. Maybe adding a shadow of the rock and let it get bigger when the rock get closer to the water or add a flying sound and change the sound effect as the rock falls can draw the player's attention more to the whole picture of the game rather than just looking at the timer. But overall I think this is still very well made and I like this game a lot!