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Thank you for clearing that up. I am having so much fun playing. I started to play Charles 2.0 and found it very cool too because it’s completely different to yearnly. My favorite character even though he only realizes it at the end is Adam. He is so sweet. Carlos comes second.

 I really wish Nikhil was dateable 

What would have been really interesting would have had Robert as a love interest because you would have to work really hard on having to get through to him and it turns out he is one of the nicest people just was blinded

Your game is better than coming out on top which broke so many things with respect to explicitness and so many routes and very detailed.  

Thank you Bob!! Can’t wait for the sequel! 


I first want to say I love your game oh my gosh its so beautiful the way its written, the characters, the drawing everything.  Thank you so much for creating this!! 

I had a question about the game. I  downloaded the nude patch and the guys come up naked but during the sex parts the screen goes black. Is that supposed to happen or am I supposed to see an image?  I am using a mac and it has the most recent update 

Thank you so much!

I loved it!!!!!!!!!! Will the characters be versatile? because I would love that

I can’t wait for this game I wanted to ask if you could make an 18+ version. If that is not too much to ask. 

How do I open the game I have a macbook pro and am running on Sierra my computer unzips the demo and the game app is there its just that when I click it, it won't open what do I do??