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Great game, would be much better if I could play it here instead of the browser version. I find myself accidentally clicking the outside of the game window a lot of times and that lead to some cheap deaths, hopefully there'll be a full version on in the future!

Ran into a bug where I was floating on an invisible block, unable to move or pick up anything, but I'm still drifting with my chunk of blocks on the bottom left. Happened twice in one sitting : 

A simple but well excuted concept, very addicting with the right amount of frustration that makes you go "just one more round". Would love to see a story mode where there's a goal in mind instead of just aimlessly hitting the high score on endless mode, hope to see a full release on Steam with achievement attached. A couch co-op mode would be awesome too!

I gave up getting the sushi at the Tower of Mirror level T_T

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Great concept, charming art style, and a cool soundtrack! I can easily envision this as a completed game, all it needs is a few more creative commands (i.e. shooting and jumping) and an undo button. Would love to see a full release of this game, it'd be perfect for handheld consoles and mobile.

A great idea with charming aesthetic that was sadly tainted with janky camera, clunky controls and unreliable obstacle detection :

1) Janky camera - the camera tends to make sudden shifts when turning corners, causing my lazer to shoot a diff direction 
2) Clunky controls - wasd + mouse is a great choice for this game, but the cursor tends to get "wobbly" at times
3) Obstacle detection - I find myself bumping into invisible obstacles from time to time, it's as if my character's hit box is bigger than it seems

I understand this is made in 48 hrs, kudos for the devs for making this. But overall, my gameplay experience has been more frustrating than fun. Hope you guys improve upon this, I'd definitely be interested to purchase this as a full game.

Thanks, it worked!

I was REALLY enjoying the game to the point that I was considering buying it on Steam, until this happens. Is there a way to fix this? 

I got this game from a bundle a while ago and was gonna install it to play today, but for  some reason I cant install it? What does "this game is hosted on an incompatible third-party website" means?