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Cool game so far, will add feedback later

In fact, most of the UI doesn't show up in the game, especially in the start screen, which is a huge problem

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Hi, saw your game on a video, thought it was really cool

Then I downloaded it

It doesn't seem to be loading the game at all

I could see the Unity watermark, but after that, nothing

I'm using Mac Big Sur 11.3

(EDIT, the game actually works fine, the UI just doesn't show up at all, can you try to fix that)

1:23! :D

Why isn't this for mac?

It's very easy to port it to mac with unity (I tried it out before)

A fun, decent game! It was a bit tough, but it wasn't impossible!

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The game crashed on my mac when i play online...


really good game

nice use of pixel art!

This game isa awesome!!

can you release this for mac and linux? That would be a great way to have more people play your little game! 

Yes, please do. I

I mean the first one. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough

P.S: IT'S NOT IMPOSSIBLE TO PASS THE FIRST CAVE!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, a worthy game. It's better than anything I have played for months.

Nice game! Not bad either considering this is your first game. I should really recommend having a limit for the amount of enemies in the cave I can't pass. 8/10! 

now this is fun

Wow!, that was fun

This is by far a cool game! Can't believe it is underated!


can you implement for Linux?

ooohhhhh yeah!

i don't get this game unfortunately. There are 2 glitches, one is the instruction one, as the instructions doesn't appear. And the other glitch being the player disappearing. (Don't know if part of game). But I hope those 2 can be fixed!  

This is a briliant game

This game is really awesome! I hope this game can continue to be developed!




Wow! Awesome tricks and gameplay.


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awesome dungeon game! Better than Castlevania even!

Maybe aim for linux UWU

Maybe some more content. But besides that, good job.

nice :)

A simple game, yet fun!

But I use a mac computer and windows is required. :(

Can't work :(

I will keep playing this game until I finish it


Neat :) Wish this game can be continued on development!!!