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I’m very keen to play this but it looks like the security devices table has been cropped off?

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I love to see this! Good luck!

I'm so glad people are still playing this. Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you! It was hard to resist adding more colour but I'm really glad I left it as is.

Nice! Looking forward to playing around with it.

Looking forward to it!

I really enjoyed One White Eye and it was great seeing the improvements to the Second Guess System here. Having the pluses and minuses in the prompts made for more of a tug of war feel in trying to get the crush number to five and I loved it.

It’s a system I have a lot of fun using and was wondering if you would allow other designers to make hacks of it? With full credits and links of course.

Thanks! I’d love to experiment a bit more with this style of game and I’d love for others to do the same.

I hope everyone has a lovely Halloween!

This looks great and I’m eager to play. How much Crew do I start with? Apologies if it’s in the text, I can’t find it anywhere.

Thanks for the comment! It's crazy to me that this still gets daily plays. Great to hear from someone who plays it.

Rate my setup. 

I love it!

Thanks, Thomas.
This was never meant to be about anything more than meeting otherworldly heads and talking to them. There are four different endings though, just for the slightest bit of replayability.
You're totally right about the mouse sensitivity. I amped the sensitivity to match the cursor speed when I should have either slowed the cursor or have one follow the other like you said.

GRACE. This is a perfect game.