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This hurts a lot, but in the good way, it was really hard to go through this without the emotion taking over at some points. How you people manage with such great art, design, music and writing in such a short time is incredible. I'm very glad to see more out of these characters from malviolence, it's horrifying to see even. Thank you for giving us such quality.

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After taking a closer look at the accounts leaving weird reviews, I found most of them were spamming reviews on very cheap (like up to 2 dollars) or free games. I don't think they're particularly targeting you, I think they're trying to farm Steam Points cause apparently spamming reviews helps with that a lot. Valve seems to interpret people leaving a lot of reviews as supporting the games without considering if it could be spam, but I think that if your full game isn't too low on price then this might not happen to it. They're all a bit weird and they seem to just pretend to play most games, but they do seem to just play some, so I do think they're just trying to farm for Steam Points.

I do hope that's all there is to it and I'm sorry if this caused you stress during work, the game does look nice and I hope you get to finish it. Best of wishes.

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I'm sorry to say but I have to be doubtful after finding the pattern on itch as well, from a couple of different accounts that were both created shortly after the game page was published, having similar comments, and remaining inactive since. It is to a way lesser extent, but it being present here at all and it repeating on a wider scale way later on is too weird. Are these people you know? Is there anything you can do about the strange spam on Steam? 

Also sorry but Michael Primo's reply reads a lot like one of those reviews halfway through, but clearly that account belongs to a real person so I don't know.

This is too weird and while I hate assuming the worst, seeing even a bit of it on itch way earlier than it happened on Steam is too suspicious to disregard.

What's up with the Steam reviews? Like half of the ones I found talk about the game in a very generic and odd way, sometimes mentioning it by its full title more than once and seemingly being bits of another review, or variations of it, while coming from accounts that seem to spam them. I don't want to accuse you of anything, but it feels strange. I wanna play the game myself because it looks nice, but I'd like to know what's going on before diving into it.

My favorite game from you so far, the concept and gameplay are simple but robust enough so playing it over long sessions stays fun, plus there's a fair but chill amount of strategy involved. Really love this one!

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I didn't think a game like this would work on FTEQW, I guess the engine is just cooler than I thought. I am really liking looking at your games, they're on an engine that seems underused. run well and it feels like a lot of them could even be fleshed out since the concepts are cool. Whether you do that or not, I am gonna keep my eye out for whatever you make.

Really like the exploration elements and the platforming works surprisingly well, very satisfying when you get more jumps. A different control for the second attack and more variety would have helped of course, but for a game made in 48 hours in FTEQW it's pretty cool!

This has the potential to become more fleshed out if you want it to, but it's already fairly good, very nice work!

This game is really cute, I really love the art and vibe you got in, also like the puzzles being simple for adventure game standards but still tricky enough to make you think. I really hope to see more of this, the story needs an ending!