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By the way, I have made the news of the game on our Russian site:

And one my friend there is asking you if you are interested in having a Russian translation of the game made :) He has translated all Carol Reed games into Russian.

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Thanks, Tom! It is a very nice and very beautiful little game!

I have met one bug though. After solving all the puzzles and opening the door, the hero said that the door is locked - and the game has been hanged with nothing to do on the screen. I had to exit via Alt-F4 - luckily there was an auto save made before unlocking the door, so the next time everything was fine :)

Well, I have converted the video to other AVI codec, so I was able to watch in on TV :)

There are a couple of more things I have noticed.

There is a strange letter appearing for me instead of ' :

And this line should probably be "invisible"?

Well, the intro video shows fine for me, but it seems that you used XVID codec for the intro, and H264 for the TV?

I have installed x264vfw, but it still freezes :(

The Artifact Part 2 community · Created a new topic A bug?

Hi Johan!

Thanks for the game - I have been waiting for it for 10 years :)

However, the game hangs for me - when trying to turn on the TV in the living room...