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Didn't expect to be as scared as I was! Great short horror demo!

10/10 for the perfectly proportioned rabbit...
On a serious note, great game :)

Amazing atmosphere, probably knocked a week off of my lifespan...

Felt like I was having a fever dream... 10/10

Good game! Enjoyed the atmosphere and some of the jumpscares made me shit myself big time. Thanks for making it!

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Great game! Loved the atmosphere and the endings were very creepy. 

Incredible game! Loved the atmosphere and the whole concept in general. Made me shit myself, so it did it's job well!

Great game! Scared the absolute shit out of me and the atmosphere kept me on edge the entire time. Terrifying monster design too...

Incredibly weird, but I loved it! I wonder if it has a deeper meaning...?

Ah, thank you! Now it's only using 50% GPU, even with all the recording software going! Much appreciated :)

Is there a way to enable a framerate limit? It's running at 400fps using, 99% GPU making it impossible to record for a video :/

Great short horror game! Got me good a few times!

VERY creepy... Had me on edge the entire time and I completely shit myself at the end... Great game! 

Amazing horror game! Scared the absolute shit out of me! Can't wait for the full release :) 

Really good game! Scared the absolute shit out of me and made scream like Goofy falling off a cliff. 

Looking forward to seeing more! 

Great horror game! The atmosphere kept me on edge the entire time. 

Great game! Good atmosphere, mechanics and overall made me shit myself! Looking forward to playing Case 2!

Very fun game and scared the shit out of me! Best Among Us horror game I've played so far! 

I'll never visit a farm ever again after this one... Great game!

Incredible game! Can't wait for the full version!

I'm never going on a slider ever again...

Great game! Scared the shit out of me.

Really well made and a great horror spin off!

Made me shit myself multiple times and that's all you want from a horror game really!

Great pacing and atmosphere. Scared the absolute shit out of me! Can't wait to see more projects from you :)

Cool game! Kept me on edge the entire time and the jumpscare got me good! 

Looking forward to seeing what else you create :)

Holy shit... I needed to go buy a new chair after this one. Incredibly scary! 

Made me absolutely shit myself... 10/10 experience!

Thanks developers for giving me a sleepless night :)

Incredibly weird game with a super creepy vibe! Enjoyed it!

Genuinely one of the scariest games I've ever played. Seriously almost made me cry and I'm not even joking.

Great job devs!

Incredible atmosphere and kept me on edge the entire time! 

Really good looking and enjoyable! 

Made me shit myself a few times (which is good)

My only negative would be that Siren Head can spawn on top of you sometimes.

Either way, great horror game :)

Absolutely incredible game! Can't wait for the full version. Loved the whole atmosphere of the game throughout!

Incredible looking game and spooked me a few times. 

The constant silence keeps you on edge the whole time.

Can't wait to see more :)

One of the strangest games I've ever played for sure...

Very unsettling feel throughout! Gave me a good spook.

My childhood is officially ruined after this one!

Great game that scared the shit out of me!

Really good demo! I like the visual style and the overall atmosphere of the game so far! I'm looking forward to a full version! 

Coming along great so far! Pretty spooky and has a great overall feel!
My only suggestion would be to maybe swap the grab and zoom button, as it would be easier to hold right click and walk, than it is to hold Q and walk. Oh, and maybe make the jumpscare sound effects louder too.

Other than that, great game! Looking forward to more updates!

Looking forward to it! Be careful not to make Skynet by mistake...