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First time playing "Granny" and this game had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through!

Honestly loved the idea of this game, the whole folklore idea and reading about the Tornuktu as stuff starts happening. (Game starts at 14:04)

Definitely caught me off guard with the clapping lmao. Also managed to do a flip in the car 10/10 very fun game. (Starts at 4:04)

Very short but very creepy game!

Loved playing this game! Very creepy.

Very creepy game!

Wish this game was longer! Had a very eery and creepy feeling to it, definitely gave me a few good scares

This game was actually incredibly fun to play! I enjoyed finding all the different endings to Leonard, although disco dog has to be my favorite lmao

Creepy yet hilarious game!

The speed on Shrek Wazowski was TERRIFYING lmao, was on the edge of my seat for the entire game.

This game was pretty creepy! Note to self to never use a slide in the woods..

Loved this game! Definitely gave me a few spooks but I did not expect that ending!

Haha I had to give him something fitting with those dance moves he had going on

This is by far the most fun I've had on a game in a LONG time. It has it all, guns, bad guys, fast paced, perfect music, 11/10 would play again.

Short but really well made horror game!

Short but really well made horror game!

Never thought that I would get jumpscared by Thomas the Tank Engine but I guess I was wrong!

This game was pretty creepy ngl, I despise the school bit and that hippo though haha 

This demo was really fun to play! The sound effects were 10/10 nothing scarier than hearing babies crying in an "abandonded" house, check out this video for a full playthrough of this game! :)

I loved this game. It has the both a comedy and horror aspect. You're laughing because you need to collect milk cartons while getting chased by a buff impostor and at the same time you're terrified because he could be through any door you open!

Genuinely such a terrifying game, love the concept.

Something about the PS1 graphics that makes this game as creepy as it is, amazing game with good jumpscares.

Pretty fun game I can't lie, basically slender man but with ronald mcdonald, nice graphics too.

Super creepy game! Definitely worth a play, the ghost model is terrifying.