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Itz Earl

A member registered Apr 18, 2022

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Awesome lore, This game had no business scaring me the way it did!!! First video back after a while!!!!

This game was pretty cool and the story is pretty sad. Luckily I got this when it was free because a dollar for this is pretty crazy. But I recommend playing it though, I made this video about a month ago. Check it out lmaooo

 I loved the creepiness of this game!!! It took me a while to figure out what to do but I might make a separate video tryin to beat this!! I made this about a month ago, been busy but ill be bask with more content soon!!

I had a nice scare playing this, this is a cool game!! I made this video a while ago but here is the video I did on it.

The ambiance of this game did it for me LMAOO Had some good scared though!! W GAME, Here is the video I did, tell me what you think!!!

This is actually one of the scariest games I've played on my channel, Great job!!!! The video is like a few months old but it is still one of my favorite ones I've made. 

This game had some great scares, The reaper could have popped out more but other than that I loved it!! LMAOO Here is my Video I did on it. Tell me what you think

I was genuinely scared when I had to hide, Bro couldn't move any faster XD LMAOO but... Dude, you did a great job with this game!!! I had fun playing it.  But here is my video, Enjo