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Found the artstyle unique. Not often is the game effectively a silent film-era style. Makes a change from the PS1 or 1980's 8/16 bit-type style

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I really enjoyed this one. Although if I was to provide some feedback, I'd say the moment where you have to discard the pizza box could have been explained a tad better, its not until the middle of the game where you are actually given an instruction for disposing of the trash, if that was moved to the beginning it would have been helpful, at least to me. Have to say though, its one of the few critiques I say, everything else I enjoyed.

Not sure what else to say other than fantastic game. Although I did struggle a little too much with the city stage.

I am very impressed that this game was done by a 14 year old. I could only dream of having that much skill at that age. Either way here is my letsplay. I give it many stars out of 10.

The jumpscare got me so hard it winded me, no joke XD
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I said when I played Village Sins that I would check this out and wasnt disappointed. I did critique, but since this game is older it felt a tad unfair to critique it too much. Main gripes were the fact the house was a little awkward to natigate since the doors are a little off the ground, a bit like ship door, and certain moments happen a little abruptly, like the transotion from the nightmare at the beginning. Otherwise, it was a good game full of nice scares that kept me on my feet.

Wasnt anticipating to be that short, but I wasnt anticipating the sudden appearance of the dude as a spider. Perfect little shorty of a game.

I will definately be taking a look at it when I can

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Short game but I liked the general concept.

Almost like some kind of meta trial test thing that evolves into crazy horror. I did anticipate a chase seen in the later half but alas. Either way good game. I shall... go to bed now :)

10/10 for the scary atmosphere, but not sure about the cream tho... I just make one request and that is to WAKE ME UP!!!!

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Here is my video:

This is a very good game for the amount of time you spent on it. My only advice so far is, to add a bit of realism, instead of having the door stuck open, you could have let it be allowed to be closed, but to add a sense of helplessness, have the door gradually open wider and wider as the bar progresses. No one showers with the door open, nor without a shower curtain. You can hear rattling sounds before he appears, so why not have a subtle cue that the door is opening too? Other than that, nice work, although I after about 5 attempts (2 offscreen) I struggled to get anymore than 2 endings.
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Heres my gameplay:

Really enjoyed the premise of this here game. The meta scenario of playing a game within a game, while the game you are playing seemingly has a supernatural power to it, echoing the reactions happening right outside your bedroom door. The scenario did remind me of Sonic.exe, Mouse.avi as well as the fnaf minigames, but whether or not this was intended, I feel it was executed well and you did a good job of having me on the edge of my seat. Not really sure I have much negative to say. Its a well made game.

Ok so I do indeed give this game 10/10 stars for the laughs in between jumpscares, but me being Mr jumpy rabbit I am, the latter is inevitable. Good game, a little gross at the end but I love me some old "toilet humour" if you catch my drift XD

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Here is my lets play.

The atmosphere was definately something else I will say. The fact you were very slow when walking, along with the liminal space-esque feel added to the creepiness factor. That, and the limited control of the character, when in some cases you wanted to turn round but couldn't really elevated the impeding sense of dread as the game goes on. 

Even when I know it didnt work, I kept seeing myself instinctively mashing the shift key as if it would do anything, only to when it did, did my panic set in. It was creepy, and despite me having second thoughts on wanting to play it, it was actually fun in hindsight.

Last time I played this I wasnt able to give it a thourough chance, but I really like it.

terrifically terrifying experience I do say. I enjoyed the storytelling but it did take me about 20 minutes to realise that one of the notes was on the table in the farm house.
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Even though I was expecting the jumpscare, it STILL got me. Good going on this game though, it was short but a fun little game. 

Is Santa evil? I wanna know. Why does encountering him cause you to 'die'? Either way nice game. It was a little short but otherwise it was a fun play.

Just as horrifying as I remember, but in a good way. Found this game from another YouTuber. Sweet game with enough jumpscares to keep me on my toes. 

Quite an intriguing short horror game, but now it has me wanting some kind of first person Sims-esque game lol. That said it was a fun little thriller and it does show that a enough effort was put into it. The interactivity of the objects such as the TV within the map wasnt nessessary but it was a welcome bonus. It left you tense enough to expect something new around the corner and still caught you off-guard

I played this previously on my old channel but as I saw this game getting promoted due to additional new content, I decided it would be rude not to give this a second look. Its safe to say I'm not used to these kinda games, I felt a little disorientated with the camera in the later stages, especially with the mannequins as I got cornered at one point, but I respect what the game was trying to do with that and despite getting a little stressed towards the end, I enjoyed what I managed to play. 

This game is quite a gift I will say that. And I didnt fully realise until a quick google search that it has multiple endings. The second one being a real surprise XD

Been a while since I last played this. But it brings back a lot of memories. last played this on a weak graphics card and it lagged. Top notch for a game built in a week though!

I know this game isnt so much a game as it is an interactive experience, and my gosh is it an experience! Its maybe not horror but its certainly tense and this guy has his moments of being weird to the point of being creepy. I want a new driver thanks!!

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Well done for being able to make this game in under a week. You did good but I hate you for the jumpscares >.<

The game hooked me in to find out what was being said in all the envelopes and it seemed to unearth a story. 

Am I the murderer? Are the letters addressed to me? Are you gonna make a sequal? 

Some of the jumpscares left me wondering "why was I even scared of this?"

This game definitely got me at points, I got jumpscared many times by it and had to pause to catch myself XD

Great game and the graphics are really good. Well done!

I love games with graphics like this. It reminds of of Garbage Day from way back when. I also like the ominous aspects of the game. I Believe the game also has various story aspects that I missed? 

By hitting the download button above? The one that has the Windows logo next to it...

Yeah I really enjoyed this game soi far so would love an expanded version of this. Was really sad to get the "To Be Continued" screen. Loved this so far and makes me want to play Resident Evil!

Very quirky game that initally catches you off. It gets funny during the game and wholesome towards the end

The jumpscares arent too overwhelming, but alongside the evolving creepy atmosphere, odd unexpected events here and there, it still managed to get me scared to the point of leaning back in my chair expecting a scare at any moment!

Who needs sleep anyway..? 

this game confused me but I enjoyed it. 

This was a really interesting experience from someone who hasent played Stranger things. Its different in that its not out to jumpscare you but has a fairly decent random creepy factor about it. Also, I love the neon colours XD

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One thing this game made me identify within myself is I am really jumpy, every corner I felt there may have been a jumpscare even though I knew going into it there wasnt. But thats just me. I like this form of game and exploration games in general and it was a good thriller. 

Although, I noticed a bug during the early parts of the game. When the ghost shows up at the front door I was able to walk into her, I thought prior to this that something would happen once I start walking towards her. Nope.

Such a cute....I mean spooky game with a few moments that caught me off guard XD The design is great but the game overall is rather 'trolly' to say the least. Fun game though

An awesome, yet ragefully stressful puzzle game to which I have compared to what you would get if you had The Impossible Quiz meet Portal and The Stanley Parable.  Its quite gory but challenging, trying to understand how the game worked and how trolly it was was quite fun. There were moments where I was really stuck and ended up cheating slightly by watching someone else's gameplay XD.

Sadly, I didnt get to finish the game as my computer decided to give up with it. The physics are awkward  to deal with, getting the cubes to co-operate which didnt help the already awkward gameplay and my PC lagging (the latter part of course cant be helped right now) .

Audio-wise, the game loses points for not having some kind of music to add to the atmosphere, but the sounds of the announcer. The deaths sounds are OK, albeit, confusing since it seems to change between each play. The reload screen saying "next" being shown in different languages was an  intriguing touch, especially since it was in red font.

For The most part it was a fun game with some frustrating elements, deaths being one of them but I did enjoy playing it :)

Very nice game. I love PS1 games and loved the graphics. Did find the navigation awkward at points but a nice game none the less :D

Whoo hoo!

Quite a short game but a nice game none the less, and very good for a first project! Not too scary though which is good for me XD