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OMFG!Looking forward to the full versionXD

Omg I'm looking forward to the full version:O.I suppose this one's gonna be epic:D

Omgggggg new work!I haven't played it yet.But the profiles of these characters are really cool and I can't wait to play it now!

Really appreciate your work!Take care of yourself

Can't believe I did a Cyber gamble with a nice-smiled clown lol.Nice game!

Love the game very much!

Love the atmosphere.And the game reminds me my kindergarten.

This game is not horror at all haha——I just need to wash my pants now:P.

Really looking forward the next update!Amazing gameXDDDD.Enjoyed it a lot!

Wonderful gameXDDDReally enjoy it a lot.Btw,after I played it,I consider Varai as the most normal guy lol.And he's really cute!Looking forward to your next work:D

Ahhhh Played this vn again todayXD.How can William be so easy to blush?XDDDDDDDDDDDD

Love the artstyle!A great romantic vn but not exactly a good story that based on a zombies' context(ignore my bad grammar plz).Plus,William's route is really sweet and I love the cgs!(William is sooooooo cuteXD)

Unlocking every ends is really enjoyable.10/10

Maybe something's wrong.I didn't even use five minutes finding it out.

There is a torch in the map.Just find it.

Incredibly hardTAT

Plus,easy mode is hard enoughD:

The songs are cool!I like the girl's voice!Nice gameXD

Ohhh you're right!I checked them on browser and finded that they looked nearly the sameXD

Thank you sooooo much bud!!

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It's a wonderful furry vn and Tylos is soooooooooooooo ero :DD.

It's really wonderful and full of details!!Btw,isn't this castle in Nagoya??I remembered I saw it on a cover of a music album about Nagoya....(I didn't know much about Japanese culture,so if I'm wrong I will say sorry for it.)

Dice is sooooooo cute!Love the artstyle!

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居然能在这种地方看到涉谷同人游戏我真的超级佩服,drb影响力也太大了!It really surprised me when I saw the game of shibuya division.Hypnosis Mic is so influential!顺带一提咱推大板,希望大阪有朝一日也有质量这么高的同人游戏呜呜..Btw,I support the Osaka division.Really hope that there will be such a high-quality game of Osaka one day *sobs*

Jester's voice is too hottt!!!!!我直接把苦茶籽飞掉!!!!!!

The artstyle of the work is pretty amazing!It exactly deserve 10/10 XD

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Wow the game amazed me that much that I wanna recommend it to the every visual lovers I knew!