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I'm probably doing a lot of things wrong, but it seems like I may have encountered every bug in the game?

I'm so sad that this is just a demo, I can't wait to see what the full game will be like!

I really loved this quirky little game. I'm not sure if I'm just good, or if the game can use a little tweaking when it comes to the difficulty. I'm putting my money on the latter ;)

Can't believe you actually finished it this fast! I'm gonna take my sweet time with this version, and I do remember your hint about the shards and the scale.

This brought back a lot of childhood memories. What a solid game! I really enjoyed it

What a great way to tell this story! It had me sitting on the edge of my seat for the entire run! Amazing job!

I loved this! The ending was pretty abrupt, but it only left me wishing for more. What a great concept!

What a fun and short little game! I really love the artstyle, and even tho it's way too short, it's enjoyable till the end!

I really loved this game! The artstyle.. the voice acting.. the way you've implemented the short story, it's all amazing! Great job!

This game caught me off-guard. What a wonderful way to tell these stories, and there's no way the player won't be able to connect with the protagonist. Can't wait to see what other games you come up with

This game is way TOO short. It's SO much fun, and that beat... awesome! Really loved playing through this. It made me laugh. Thank you!

This is AMAZING! I really love the 4th wall breaking you did with this being a demo. This is really good, and I can't wait to see the full release

What an adorable and wholesome little game! I loved it

I can be pretty short about this, I LOVED THIS GAME!

What a great way to tell a story

What a lovely little game. I enjoyed playing through this a lot!

What an amazing short little game! The artstyle, the atmosphere, the campy movie magazine.. it's great!

One question tho, who keeps a phone in their bathroom?

I did not know what to expect, but the building of atmosphere and the eventual ending.. just wow!

I'm not the target audience for horror games, but I thought I could handle this. I started playing it with anticipation, I ended with too many unresolved questions. I need answers...

I love games like these! They're so relaxing

I love your games!

Sorry for the late reply, but what kind of upcoming project are we talking about?

I absolutely love this!

I normally don't play horror games, because I'm a big piece of chicken. Something loomed me towards this game tho... So I tried..

I did finish it, so I am proud of myself xD

This game is SO relaxing! And I really loved the spiritual part of it too. Oh, and I can't forget the really smart implementation of the language choosing. Well done!

Finally was able to play the second chapter, and this took me a lot longer. Holy crap, I had so much fun and I can't wait till the last chapter will be completed!

This had me laugh for quite a bit. I love the humor and artstyle. Can't wait to dive in the other chapters!

What a great, but short, little game! I've enjoyed it to the last second.

What an amazing game! I've truly enjoyed playing every second of it!

Honestly, this is one of the most adorable games I've ever played. And to answer the question; YES, it can be spooky!

I love this! It's short, but the message is SO strong!

Oh, this took a turn for the worse all of a sudden. What an amazing way to portray emotions and this certain dillemma

Holy crap! This was an... experience

And finally I've been able to play through the last one! Again, not a lot to say besides that I really enjoy these. Thank you LazyTiger for doing what you do!

I told you I will be playing the rest of them. I loved what you did to Alina here, poor little cat...

Don't worry, the only reason I haven't played it yet is because I did not know of it's existence. I'm on it!

I remember the first two games, and suddenly I found out that there's 5 now!?

Still love these little stories!

What... a... GAME!! I loved this so much!

I finally had time to play this! Thanks for the recommendation!

Someone recommended this game to me, and holy moly, what a trip this was!