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Honestly, this is one of the most adorable games I've ever played. And to answer the question; YES, it can be spooky!

I love this! It's short, but the message is SO strong!

Oh, this took a turn for the worse all of a sudden. What an amazing way to portray emotions and this certain dillemma

Holy crap! This was an... experience

And finally I've been able to play through the last one! Again, not a lot to say besides that I really enjoy these. Thank you LazyTiger for doing what you do!

I told you I will be playing the rest of them. I loved what you did to Alina here, poor little cat...

Don't worry, the only reason I haven't played it yet is because I did not know of it's existence. I'm on it!

I remember the first two games, and suddenly I found out that there's 5 now!?

Still love these little stories!

What... a... GAME!! I loved this so much!

I finally had time to play this! Thanks for the recommendation!

Someone recommended this game to me, and holy moly, what a trip this was!

This game worked like a charm, and I loved that there's a final decision to make

What a wonderful little wholesome game! I really loved playing this, and that art style.. O M G

I did not know what to expect, at all, and going in spoiler free was exactly the weirdest experience ever. This game, is a little rollercoaster of emotions! And I still do not know how I feel about that..

Wow! I really enjoyed this game and was really surprised when it ended. In others words, it felt too short!

I did not know what to expect when I booted up the game, but this surely made my day. What a smooth (but weird) experience this was!

This game has only one flaw, and that it's too short..

This might be everything I'd never expect to be inside a game, and I'm equally shocked as I am intruiged and excited. It certainly brought me back to the PS1 era, where (almost) everything could happen..

This was something different. I liked the premise of the cube, even tho it is pretty hard to navigate to a few blocks, but once you've solved every need and problem, it really feels completed. Good job

This game is absolutely NOT what I expected, and by saying that I mean that I'm surprisingly overwhelmed with what it actually is. The art style is amazing, and the narration gets into your head.

Here's the first episode of my palythrough:

Well, this was an experience, one that feels oddly familiar in some ways. It kind of reminds me of the feeling where you enter a room and forgot why you went there.

This is extremely adorable! And I'm not even talking about the fact that I love pinball games, but this one hit the spot just right!

At first I couldn't believe that the comments saying that this is "the game above all games" was true, but once I opened it up and saw what beauty lied in front of me, I made it my duty to spread the word of this divine beauty.

12/10 doctors would recommend!

The first one already had a wonderful little story, but this just enhances everything!

Can opener?

I loved this game, and I can't wait for a full release!

This is wonderful, and I really loved the metaphor (it hit me halfway through the game)! What a short, gorgeous but heavy trip you took us on..

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I came for the one-off video, I stayed for the story. I only wanted to record 1 video to showcase this game, but I couldn't leave it at that, I had to know what happened next! There's a few misses here and there, but personally I didn't mind and it didn't break the game or lead us away from the story. I liked it!

This is part 1:

I loved this very much, but I think I may have found a bug?

This game is basically all you need if you're even the slightest fan of vaporwave. 10/10 experience

I'm really mesmerized by this short interlude. The art-style, the characters, the atmosphere... just, wow

As a mini-golf lover, I really enjoyed this game, and was quite disappointed there weren't more levels. But, the game itself is actually really good!

Well, this was extremely overwhelming and fun! I wonder, are there any secrets I may have missed?

Now, on to the next one! I'm looking forward to it

Well, this was a surprise and I had a lot of fun playing it. The atmosphere is really there, you did a good job by creating this story and all surroundings, it was pretty convincing. Well done Arctos!

Well, this was certainly an experience..

This game tells a perfect story of acceptance or the lack of it, and finally the complete destruction of the world because of it. It makes no sense and I love it!

Such a heart warming little game, kudo's for the perfect storytelling in poem mode. This game breathes "Christmas"!

This was certainly an experience. I normally dislike horror games but this physchological approach really speaks to me:

So, I unpacked the .zip file and found a trojan virus...

I may have broken the game?