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could you add support for multiple android architectures? like armeabi-v7a for example. i think my phone is capable to run but it just doesn't install because the apk is only for arm64-v8a

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I'm in love with this VN, I was in a difficult moment in my relationship when I decided to play, and wow, I never cried so much with a game, thanks to that, I decided to have the courage to talk to my ex-boyfriend about my feelings and we resolved the situation.

honestly, lately I've seen a lot of games that have an empty story full of NSFW scenes to fill that emptyness, see a romantic story with a beginning and an end in such a complete way is heart warming, thanks for this work and I'm really looking forward to the next one, greetings from Brazil🥰

i miss this game, it doesn't run in my pc anymore :(

no, its an integrated nvidia card, there are no more updates for it :(

i will miss this game so much :(

[BUG] The water behaves as if I walked over it, even above the bridge