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Hi Kimmy,

Apologies for the late reply. 

You are more than welcome to use irori for your youtube video. Let us know if you need anything else from us :) 

Looking forward to watching and sharing the video around.

Thank you!

Hey Marr!

Thank you so much for leaving such a lovely comment! I'm so glad that it gave you so much joy :> 

And Yess, I do have plans to implement a feeding feature along with more ways to interact with your companion. 

I was also thinking of implementing a online aspect where you can send mails to your friends which would have the pigeon fly over to your friends screen to drop mail off. Would this feature be something of interest to you?

I hope to bring you more features in the future! If you want to be updated I'll be most active through twitter.

Yes please, that would help us out.

As for the preview gifs are taken using different camera angles that are not available in the game. Sorry for any confusion.

Thank you for playing our game :) We definitely hope to bring more characters, ingredients and different ways of cooking in the future.

Hey thank you for the feedback! 

The scene is set at night and we were trying to rely on the irori as the main source of light. We decided to use the irori as the main source to create a cosy environment. 

Were there any particular things that you found hard to see? ie skewers on the grill or dialogue.

I'll put this in our feedback backlog and review it with the team. 

Thank you for playing our game :) We're glad to hear the narration drew you in, to the point where you burnt all three of your skewers. 

It was an interesting problem to balance out the dialogue progression and cooking interactions.

Also I can't take all the credit for this game. This is a game made by PomePomelo a team of three Jewell, Zhiming and myself :) 

We're excited to bring you more adventures and characters in the future.

C: it's always lovely to see videos of our games. It's also interesting to see how you play the game. Keep up the great work!

Thank you for enjoying our game

Thank you :), We're glad that you enjoyed the interactions of cutting skewers and listening to adventurers :). We hope to introduce more characters.

Oh, cosmetics have been on my mind for a while. Definitely a feature i'll add. 

Thank you for the suggestions :) I'll add them to the backlog!

Thank you for adopting the little fella.  I hope to bring a wide variety of animals and more interactions.

Is there any features you'd want to see in the game?

Thank you for playing the game :) I'm glad to hear that you found it calming

Heyy Crysaac, thaanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it :) Also don't fault yourself, you're not dumb :o, the game is just stupid hard hahaha - It's hard because the game doesn't have an intuitive way of giving feedback to the players on what they are supposed to do.


The game ends with Papa and Emma sitting next to a cosy fire as they rekindle their memories about Mama. As they talk together the camera transitions upwards to reveal the meaning of Hygge - An intimate, loving feeling associated with sitting around a fire in the winter with your loved ones.

Yes the game is based of the Danish word Hygge. 

Woah, that's strange hahaha, I just checked it myself too. I'm not sure why that happened, this was made over the weekend 

Very well executed! I love the idea. Simple and impactful

Hopefully the summit has spoken wise words.

Thank you for playing and leaving feedback! I'm glad that you enjoyed the summit. The summit has enjoyed your presence. *hands m&m*

The summit was here. Well Played Sleeping Titan

I can successfully say that i can draw mona lisa.

Has the summit replied?

Thank you for the feedback and playing it! 

Yess!  Some of those features are in the backlog and currently being worked on. Soon you'll be able to feed it and do more interactions with it. 

Great game! I loved it 

Hey MrTek, thanks for trying out the game and leaving feedback :>. More features are in the works and I'll be updating regularly.  

Lovely puzzle game. I enjoyed it very much. thank you for sharing!

one improvement: the squeaky sound could be toned down or changed to something more ear pleasant. 

Thank you for playing the game! It was so nice to see your reaction of the game :) I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I wish you the best with your youtube channel!

That was an relaxing experience. Thank you :) Have a lovely day yourself!