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Let them fightLet them fight - now let them fight | Meme Generator

You'll have to exit by right clicking on the application in your taskbar or app manager. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

hey, what seems to be the problem?

Is this regarding the exe? It maybe a false positive as the installer hasn't been verified.

Please try the zip file instead.

It's a remix of my previous project homeless pigeon and among us

Glad you like the crewmate!

Hey, you'll have to right click on the application. 

I'll implement a better way to exit the game!

Hey I've uploaded a new build/zip file.

Ohh interesting, I'll look into this. I understand your concerns and will re-upload a zip file for you shortly :)

Hahaha sorry to hear that they're distracting you :) 

I should include a distraction free mode.

Hello Gogozooom,

Wonderful to hear that you're inspired to create your own transparent game. 

I have also ran in black screen issues that randomly occur. I think for me what fixed the issue was changing the version of Unity. 

I'd be happy to help you on your dev journey

WumpusFBI! Thank you for the kind message! :) 

I have had ideas for mini games perhaps like dodging game where you need to feed the pigeon to avoid obstacles. 

Also had this idea where you could send the pigeon on mini adventures and it'd find loot that it can wear. hahaha 

Hello Keeping!

Apologies for my inactivity and delayed response.

Oh! Thank you for the inspirations and ideas. I'll try to incorporate a better UI/UX experience so that users don't have to force quit the application. 

Hello ayoomi! 

Apologies for my inactivity and delayed response.

Thank you so much for the kind message and the suggestions for homeless pigeon! I would definitely love to add more interactions to homeless pigeon and I hope to bring a more polished experience (just got to find the time haha)!

Till then take care of these homeless pigeons for me!

Thought provoking game, I like it!

dam, this was great!

ohh do you get a black screen?

I love it :)

love it!

Hey Simon! Sure I'd be happy to answer your question, could you specific which part you're interested in. Is it the high level infrastructure or more lower level, code things?

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Thanks for letting me know! I have updated it :)

Ahahaha that mask slap sound is satisfying

I've made Thinkers and Wanderers, an online space for questions, answers and comfort.

Well. I didn't see that coming. 

Thank you for the lovely message!

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten around to implementing other remainder sprites. I hope too soon in the future!

In the meantime thank you for adopting the little fella.

๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™Œ Thank you for the kind message . I'm sure the fella is also super happy that it has been adopted by you!


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Hey! unfortunately this version only has the pigeon.

Which bird were you interested in seeing?

Cockatiels! I'll add that to the trello list.

Also I had these other members. My favourite is the blue-footed booby

Using Emoji as Cursors | CSS-Tricks

A guinea pig ooh. I shall put that onto my trello list. Thank you for the suggestion and the kind comment :)



This is wack

I'm so glad that you enjoyed the control schematics :)

haha, I've done that too. Made my own gangsta signs too

Oh no, i'll take a look into this and also upload a windows/mac executable.

Would you be able to send me any screenshots? 

Hey Stingy121, I'm glad that you got there in the end and I'm so happy that it warmed your heart! This comment has warmed mine :) Thank you for leaving a message.

I'm digging the music!

Hey SugarSores,

Thanks for playing! haha I'm glad you liked the monotone voice overs. I always wanted to incorporate it into my games, this posed to be an excellent opportunity.