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Coming back after 5 months and seeing how much progress there is, it's amazing. BUT WILL TECHNOBLADE GET HIS FREE COOKIES? I NEED ANSWERS

The art is so pretty, and the seedlings are adorable.

Finally, a RR visual novel/otome game. Now I can die in peace

This was an unusual experience for a VN but it was amazing in every way.

Liked this a lot, also the GUI customization is attractive.

Man, really liked this! My favorite type in visual novels. Protagonist is probably traumatized but it's fun af.

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Cool game, wish there would be more though

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Really liked it, great game :D

Really liked the game


Definitely one of my favorite games now, liked the little fourth wall break at the end and the dialogues got me interested. Great job

Liked it! Also love how it loops back to the menu screen at the end.

Nice and short, was fun to play.

Nice game, I liked the cartoony art style.

I like how there are voice clips of their lines. May I ask what will be the game's objective or story

yooo This is nice

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Absolutely amazing, love the order and cooking songs and the fourth-wall breaks. Definitely one of my favorite games.







The child(ren) in the vending machine, someone cooked 4 children and then the family supposedly is together? Is that the ending or is there more?

Couldn't stop playing till I got all the endings, really unique and one of a kind.

Really liked it! the clay figures and the camera movement were what made it unique.

It's so good especially the art style, love how it gives creepy vibes