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A really lovely update from you!

I think it makes sense you made the option for us to choose the bra and panties colour and the bust size. It all depends on each person's taste.

I still enjoyed the game. Perhaps to include OTN gag in the future?

Ah~ So we have the same taste.

Would love them included in the game in the future!

I honestly love this game!

But, as everyone said, zooming out the camera more would be better! Because I want to see her hopping around the motel area! :D

This is probably the best game you've ever created, other than Motel Bondage!

I would love to see more of this in the future. I've been meaning to find suitable -bondage games. But, I ended up finding the RPG-based bondage games instead.

This is indeed a challenging one, especially when you're tied up just to get the phone. May I suggest you add high-heels and long-shouldered gloves in the future? Let's just say, I have a fetish with women tied-up in high-heels and long-shouldered gloves ;)

Keep it up! I would love to support you!