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its to hard when you cant turn around in the air

and i think the place is to dark. so i add more brighnest in the video.

so far it was a nice game!

greeting from indonesia!

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lol this meme game is fun XD

Lol is so cute but i got that jump scare. Love it from indonesia

Interesting game bro
Love from indonesia

This is very fun game. and i think it have a lot improve from your last game. i have a lot of fun in this game

M stain monster version. in my country is called kuyang. and we love to sell those kidney lol

Well i love the detail. but why you use zombie ?

Love your game bro. its very smooth. hope you make long game soon

damn this game is really creepy

that was fun game. but i dont feel any scare lol

well this is interesting game and i think that the grim reaper from the sims lol

this is hardcore lol

im stuck searching the key cause its  to dark

i can go outside the map. you should fix this


i hope there will be long game cuz your detail is so good

noiceeee game

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the mechanic is awesome.  and it give me goose bumb cuz im scare of high  place

after play this game now i wanna play house of the dead series

nice short game is there only 2 ending right?

is there only one ending?

its make me rage -_- but it was a good game

sorry but i cant see anything in your game

its like my real life -_-

Good job developer youre making really beautiful game. but i dont really like that invisible wall in your game 

it was very fun game. lot to explore than eps 1

I laughed a lot in this game 🤣

it was really cool game. i enjoit lol

its really cool

lol its cute. can wait eps 2

that was fun short game. really enjoy it.

So far im searching Siren head game. your game are the best 
i really enjoy it

awesome game bro

well this game make my mind blow lol
peace from indonesia

im sorry writing wrong title for your game :(