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You meant consolation, not consolidation.

He is!! Thanks for sharing seed too.

i own fear and hunger on steam. it does not have achievements.

i literally saw this and audibly, out loud, said 'oh fuck yeah' with enough excitement my voice cracked

Didn't mean to assume, sorry! I'll keep the lessons I learned here with me <3

oh so that actually felt disturbingly relatable (hahahaha being a woman amirite <3)

How do you get the fire stone?? I have water stone

Here is a free guide! It explains everything!

here we are then! i'm starting this blog off with your game, i've been putting this off forever and this finally pushed me to start :,)

I've seen in the comments that there is a 'secret ending'-- is that just ending 4, or should I continue?

I could tell! I haven't bought it yet but I know what it is from playing the main game lol :P The morse code was clever. I was convinced that I would use morse code someday as a kid, I guess this is it :D

Seriously, this is super good. Hope it wins, for real!!! Reminds me of the RE7 blackjack minigame, and the Saw franchise.


wow... I actually hate this!

I have ADHD/autism double combo-- and this was!! too relatable!! It's seriously SO on the nose that I could not enjoy playing it. The dialogue, the notes, everything was just.... so relatable. Like if I wanted to experience that i'd go to work

i never played this because i thought it was fetishizing it. eventually looked out of morbid curiosity.


Ohhh. Okay. That means I can't get anywhere else in the game, then.

(1 edit)


How on earth do I get into the sewer?? I've investigated the trash like a hundred times

Omg  I love this game and the sexiest part of this game ?? (SCROLL DOWN)

"You tell your opponent you would rather not, they respect your bodily autonomy and let you have the win."

Me, first: what in the candypink ripoff

me, after dying like a hundred times: oh

Chrome on PC, same error.

I'd say "We know that most of you are illiterate" on the first page first chapter.

I'd remove "harsh" from "harsh reality".

Capitalize The Institute for Chest Standardization as shown. 

golden *chests not chest on that fourth page first chapter.

"for gold coins and other treasure, and of course (etc). Add that comma.

Page 5: "fill them or don't."

"gold chests must always be filled with gold."

"and if you don't have any gold, melt the chest down, idiot".

"If you ever encounter a chest that does not match these qualifications"

"He uses an unknown red metal"

I'll do other chapters later

Got it. Lemme do a quick playthrough 

Hey if you want a native proofreader, I would LOVE to help!! No payment or anything, I'm just bored

Yes,there's either a hollow knocking or a..... less hollow knocking

Hi! I've been diagnosed formally with OCD for over a year now and I'm just sick of it being made a joke. Also like do you actually have it or is it just "omg i'm so ocd~~"

"Experience the first Found Footage Video Game that isn’t about Slender Man (citation needed)!"

y'all disrespectin outlast

omg. change the 'OCD perfectionist' trait name. my disorder isn't a joke.

wow, used to be too scared to play this now i'm moving on to visage and outlast

Okay! Thank you very much for doing your best for accessibility <3

This is much better :) Do you just click on the tables to hide?

Huh it just immediately gave me horror vibes so I was waiting for the game to turn horror

Dear Portrait Prophecies,

This font is almost impossible to read with visual impairments :( I apologize for any typos

This game is confusing, any tips?

Never mind but why on earth are you using the phasmophobia christmas lobby music

The opening music

Where do I recognize the music from?? It's going to make me insane

I don't have Discord but do feel free to message me for anything here! I'd love to participate! :)

Yeah!!! I took some notes on different combinations and looked at the cards to figure out what was going on

I got them all :)

Y'aLL this is so gOOD, the music is so amazing too!!! Love it <3