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KARLSON community · Created a new topic Questions

Will the steam version cost money?

Excuse me breaking down door.

Wails for freedom


Wails for freedom skitter across the floor. A squeak and spitter comes from the door.


Demons from cults and it’s all his fault.


I hate him. I loathe him. He broke the oathe.


He locked me here with all the wee dumbed.


So that’s why I wail for freedom.

Dim Light community · Created a new topic Updates

There will be new chapters and new monsters in this game. How do I know this you ask? I'm the developer's creative director! I'm part of the Embrose! Yayyyyy!

P.S. The monsters in this game is called Amnesiests.

Dim Light community · Created a new topic Scary

Really scary tho. Ambience really made me anxious.

Dim Light community · Created a new topic Bugs

There's a bug and I think it and it was like there was only 2 or 3 memories in the map and the lizard thing only spawned in one location. He also came at me through the door and I think you should make a door opening sound for that.

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Before he said spring 2020 but that's clearly not true

Lol yes he does 

(. __ .)

Me and my brother are going to start making games and I need to know how to get good ambience or just music in general

Dave I need your help I cant find out how to make good ambience where do you get it

I'm gonna make a parody game of bunky and it's gonna be called Chunky

Anyways i'm so exited

Bruh its like October lol

YAAAAY! I'm so exitied

Nevermind i saw a video on around the clock so I think i saw the mrs puff one


Hey Dave just got a game idea . . . actually two but anyways the first one is called 4:00 am at Mrs. Puff's boarding school. Flats the flounder is planning to kill Mrs. puff and will murder her if he sees her so you have to escape. The second one is called 5:00 am at sponge bob's house this one i put a bit more thought into it so this one I think will make a great game. Doodle bob has made a rampage across bikini bottom and sponge bob is the only one who can save them sponge bob is forced to look around his house for the magic pencil he found. I just wanted to say i'm a huge fan of your games and I want to be a game dev myself!