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It was a breeze until level 5, where boss really had me stumped, at which point I realized that there is loot, and I can get it by throwing boxes (oops).

I'm really liking the loot system here. With managing risk and reward by choosing more damage or more loot+strength to open crates or having more loot-quality items.

I've spent probably 6 hours grinding everything there is in the demo ^^;;

Got 100 loot-quality (5items +20 each), and 18k stardust.

Feedback: There is probably needs to be a system for dumping all these stardust, as I didn't really had to worry about item's cost-to-wear stat.
Example systems: enchanting (minecraft), gambling (diablo) or enchanting-with-chance-of-item-destruction (MMOs). Something where it is possible to dump stardust indefinitely.

Had a bit of trouble finding triangle symbol.
Loved how symbol you picked up is spinning inside the ball, everything looks 2d including the ball, but as soon as I picked an item it made the ball visually very special. Dunno why I focused on this so much, but I kept thinking about this interesting visual contrast during the whole play through :P

Agreed with other comments that game is calm and relaxing. I sincerely enjoyed it :)

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Thank you for playing!
I guess I made map clues too obscure, my friend had a hard time finding treasure too.

Here is a spoiler/tip for future players:

there two clues eye and shovel-with-rope. Eye means you have to stand at 2nd figure and dig in the direction of the 3rd figure. shovel-with-rope means you have to dig between 2nd and 3rd figures.
1st figure is there only to help you find other two faster :)

At first I didn't get it, but then I walked across a river and got the idea ;))

I happened to pick coals backwards 7, 6, 4; don't remember the rest.

good game! love the art and snowppl

Only could try it in my standing place (2x3 squares), but still got a little taste of the corridors and the darkness. The fact that you cannot see the floor and the ceiling at the same time really sells the feeling of a dungeon!

PS: would be fun to put swarming rats/snakes on the floor in some rooms to scare ppl :))

PPS: can't wait to try it in a bigger room on the weekend.

PPPS: didn't know VR for Quest was possible in the Godot!

Nice Oculus Quest game!

I almost beat the final wave, but rifle-guys got me while I was stabbing red-shirts :^)

Yes, weapons are procedurally generated :)

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Thanks! Love it :)

Thank you! :)

Very much enjoyed your game. Really impressive, a complete experience with story levels and art. And just like GRG said, clever use of the two buttons.

PS: Robot's head looks like a heated toaster :))

Great game!

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Thank you! Yes GZ screen is end of the game :)

I enjoed it!

I agree with @EduardoFrancio, as suggestion maybe add a piano note or a chord at the very end to turn screen black so it blends with background and restarts like it already does.

Like the idea and design :D