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What can I say except good job hehe. I ordered some of that merch and pre-ordered chapter 2.

Damn this was pretty cool! As others have said, some bugs and doesnt seem like you can finish the game. But here is my Play"through". Looking forward to see it being worked on more.

Hi Hiromu, what a unique experience. I thought this way great all the way through and what an eerie atmosphere you've managed. Here's my playthrough:

I had the same issue as above. The letter stays in the door but is invisible and you can keep picking it up but can't get past the door :o

This looks AWESOME. I'll try to make a video on it asap

Damn this was awesome! For such a short experience I feel that you managed to pack a good bunch of story and gameplay. Thanks! Music was also great hehe

Damn this was awesome! Great job on the overall atmosphere and looks. Was tensed up throughout the whole playthrough hehe.  Looking forward to see part 2.

This was awesome! You really nailed the immersion and overall atmosphere. The "old school scuba-helmet"-POV really made a big difference. Great job and looking forward to more stuff from you. 

Garfield returns! This time even scarier and meaner hehe. Again I had a blast playing this. Looking forward to the next update.

I'm not smart enough for this game. But after a while I figured out hehe. Anyway I thought it was great! The character you play as is awesome.

Pretty damn spooky! Loved the anime characters as well hehe. That was a nice touch. Had some issues interacting with stuff but pretty cool non the less.

This game was awesome. Really trippy and I think I can see some slight inspiration from the backrooms but with honestly really cool and unique.

As someon else said before, this game is perfection. A perfect blend of horror, comedy, holiday spirit and nudity. 10/10

Awesome game. Really like the grid based movement system or whatever you call it. Story could be a bit longer hehe. Was there a good ending?

Honestly, not too shabby. I finished it hehe

Supershort but I thought it was pretty cool nontheless. Great job! Game starts at 08:00. Thanks for this one and looking forward to your next games!

Awesome even though it's short! Pretty nice vibe overall and some good scares. I enjoyed it :)

Cool lil' horror game. I really enjoyed the faces on the customers. Could maybe do without the 3 min wait tho. Game starts at 5:37 

Awesome, but as someone else said - some parts were just too Dark to understand where to go. Could do a little brighter, otherwise I like it :D

Yea that would be good hehe. But I really enjoyed it nontheless

This game was bonkers! I really enjoyed it. Went from a fun action game to creepy as hell in no time hehe. Well done

The general aestethics and vibe of this game is great. Music and visuals really sold the "liminal" feeling and only feedback I can giveis that it would be nice with a little deeper storyline.

This game was the scariest one I've played in a while. Really well made! I managed to get all endings.

This was awesome :D What a great way to make a short horror game with limited gameplay very interesting.

Looking forward to seeing more from you!

Awesome game! Well worth the extra 2-3 dollars i accidentally spent hehe. Creepy as hell!

No it's ok thanks. I got it now :)

Paypal literally wont let me buy it :D It's 1 dollar and I can't pay.

What a well-made short game. Love the overall aestethic. Thanks for this! 

This game was.. Pretty awesome. Weird aestethic and feel throughout the game which made it a cool experience.

Awesome game. Love how Garfield looks and the overall aesthetic of the game. Creepy but also kind of funny. Can't wait for a longer version :D

Loved it! Felt like playing a silent hill game but with bunnies. Would definitely play a longer version of this one.

Awesome game! Very unique and creepy vibe/atmosphere. Would definitely play a longer version.

Hey! I have an issue where i get a black bar on the right side of the screen. not sure how to fix.

Damn this game looked awesome at a first glance and it was even better than expected. Can hardly believe its your first game.
Very much looking forward to see more stuff from you!

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Awesome game, very short but gave me a couple really good scares regardless. Looking forward to seeing more! 
Game starts at 4:10

I played it and I enjoyed hehe. Had some issues with getting stuck to certain surfaces and the roof, but overall nice experience.

This game was literally so good. Scary as hell and awesome graphics + models.

Looking forward to see more !

Had a blast playing this one! Don't know if it was your intention but it gave off kind of a backrooms vibe that I enjoyed. Looking forward to see more stuff :)