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It's but a Simple Land

A member registered Jun 15, 2017

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Thank you. Aside from the way that it makes me feel, of which that way is alike the hallucinations I get when I'm sick, there are no words that I can make for me to describe it. So thank you.

Which character mentions the chalice?

Not able to get (yet), just curious: How does one reach the black-and-white farm in the trailer?  Or the red Man?

Created a new topic Crete's culture

I'm not sure if I will join, but I will ask: Would I be allowed to use Minoian and/or Mycenean deities?

Thank you, I thought I'd have to make a conspiracy theory about it or something!

I find this game to be a relaxing sort of stress, very cool. QQ, is there an algorithm behind which dogs get featured? Or is it really random?

So in IPA it would be "∫  n ɪ pÊ°"?

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looks nice, but how do I pronounce it?

I very much enjoyed the game. Its simplicity, lack of a storyline, and wanderlust make it a great hobby.  At one point I was playing it every day! It brought out what I always wanted in a planting game.

However, there are a few things that would be nice if they were in the game:

¬ Buyable fences, and the ability to remove them.

¬ Making shovels able to dig up crops and pathways.

¬ Rain and snow.

¬ A bird feeder to hang on the tree (because let's be honest, that tree has been doing nothing up until now).

I rate this game 5/5, because of how much fun and imagination it stirs up in me, and it being a very good way to pass the time. However, there is room for improvement.