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All submissions were great. Will there be a 2024 edition ?

Hello, is this aimed to be played wth a concrete hex ?

Hello, on wich hex shall this adventure be played ?

Et maintenant le coloriage du petit ... Après la seconde partie ...

Première partie avec les enfants (8 et 9 ans).. c'est rapide à installer et rapide à jouer. Ma grande a voulu tout colorier ensuite. Merci

Hahaha, j'ai lu que la fiche :)


Si tu organises des sessions de playtests en ligne, j'adorerai y participer :)

It looks wonderfull. I hope it get translated to english, french or spanish :)

Great layout and wonderful art ... I've only had a quick look ... I don't want to be spoiled in case I find someone to DM it :D

Te planteas traducirlo al español ? Si necesitas playtesters, cuenta conmigo :D :D :D

Also interested :)

No problem, I had a doubt. Nice Jam anyway, I will stay tuned.

Thanks you for making really cool stuff !

"Hello" ? :P

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I've created a Supplement for Knave. It's a group of NPC to be introduced in a Dark Fantasy World: The Parakeets

Hope you like it, feel free to give me any feedback :)

I don't know skyrealms, but your supplement is gorgeous. I have to take a look at the original game.

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Discord yes: xxxxx

Hello, I like this setting and I plan to play it with my children. For that, Ive translated the text in french. Tell me if you are interested.

Lovely, thank you!

Very nice and original minimalist setting. The NPCs are very interesting, alltough I miss information about the moonchild.

The layout is very clear and the illustrations are inspiring, it's always nice to show a portrait of the NPC to the players 

Muchas gracias por esa fuente tan chula. Molan las ligaduras

La tengo que probar !

Je ne veux pas le faire jouer... Je veux quon me le fasse jouer, du coup je ne l'ai pas lu :p

Merci pour la trad !

Great art and even better background... I love how you can create a short story for each of them in 2 or 3 sentence.

I haven't understand the link between Bahror and Forron. What's Forron has gone through?

And why would Ramott would want to help Gather ?

I suppose it's the DM to answer those doubts...

I stay tune for another Rivals issue... Hope there will be another one.

Very deadly indeed, you're right...


How close combat against several NPC at the same time works ? I think I didn't read any rule for that?S hould I do an opposed roll for each NPC?

I really love the way your game is so synthetic. Many thanks for sharing it.

Great mechanics ! Are you planning to make rules for 2 or more players ?

Great scenario. 

I've got it with the Bundle for Ukrania and I've enjoyed read it. I'm sure my players will get the same pleasure.

Hola, me parece muy interesante la semilla, y cuento jugarla ... Que pista darías para que se encuentren con el gigante de piedra ?

You're welcome :)

Thank you for having this functionnality implemented. Its great !

Great adventure ... Is it me or the room 12 is missing ? 


I am only interested by table top RPG jams, is there a way to filter them ?

Many thanks, I'm glad you liked it !

thank you !

Salut !

J'adore vos aventures … Pour y jouer avec mes enfants, j'ai ajouté à mon pack de tuiles pour donjon modulaire quelques tuiles spécialement crées pour l’occasion :

J’espère que cela ne vous dérange pas. Les tuiles ne dévoilent en rien l’aventure.

Great job !

I know it's called perilous-shores ...but couldn't I generate a map without any coast, lake, islands ... only land... Is it possible ?