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Great mechanics ! Are you planning to make rules for 2 or more players ?

Great scenario. 

I've got it with the Bundle for Ukrania and I've enjoyed read it. I'm sure my players will get the same pleasure.

Hola, me parece muy interesante la semilla, y cuento jugarla ... Que pista darías para que se encuentren con el gigante de piedra ?

You're welcome :)

Thank you for having this functionnality implemented. Its great !

Great adventure ... Is it me or the room 12 is missing ? 


I am only interested by table top RPG jams, is there a way to filter them ?

Many thanks for your quick reply. It's much clearer for me now.


I'd loved the mood of this adventure and it seems I am not the onlyone since your kickstart is going very well.

I am a bit lost with the vocabulary "Ogre" ... On one side Odoyoq is called Ogre, and you will probably devellop him much more in the setting than in this adventure and on this adventure you talk a lot about Dee Wee Shree, the liquid Ogre ... Is It the same character ? (Doesnt seem to me) Can the bat change to a liquid form ? (Not explicited in the adventure)

Just a detail obviouly...

Art is great also ... And the font ....

Many thanks, I'm glad you liked it !

thank you !

Salut !

J'adore vos aventures … Pour y jouer avec mes enfants, j'ai ajouté à mon pack de tuiles pour donjon modulaire quelques tuiles spécialement crées pour l’occasion :

J’espère que cela ne vous dérange pas. Les tuiles ne dévoilent en rien l’aventure.

Great job !

I know it's called perilous-shores ...but couldn't I generate a map without any coast, lake, islands ... only land... Is it possible ?

I missed a "why the adventurers would go there"

But that will be my job to find something   :)

If you give me a sample, I could have a try :)

Hello, nice game...

Id love to play it with my dauther (7y.old)... planning to do a french version ?

Very nice setting. do you have some plot hooks to launch the adventurers there ?

I love it!

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... et cette très jolie mise en page. Je vous fais un retour dès que mes enfants (5&7 ans) voudront bien y jouer avec moi...

Thank you. Stay tuned for updates

Nice setting. I missed some hooks.

Great adventure, quite short, I will test it with my children. I like the clear layout.

yes, I've just checked now :)


Please consider

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My fisrt game (Manoir Fastemou) is not showing up in searches

I've seen that question has been posted many times, but the responses have been the following:

  • Please wait --> OK, I've waited 2 days, shall I wait more ?
  • Your game hasn't been downloaded --> Yes it has (not much but it has)
  • Your game doesn't have any decklog --> Yes it has.
  • You've put a pricetag --> Sure but my game has also a 100% discount so technically it costs 0$

Am I missing something ?