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It was hard from the middle stage.

it's so cool!

Art and motion are so cute! If you refine the content a little more, it will be a wonderful work

Very cute game!

This is a nice fun game! nice AlexKidd!!

Art is very attractive! I wanted to play longer

There are some display bugs and slipperiness, but it was fun.

I like retro graphics and music. Nostalgic!

It's fun with simple operation.I'm looking forward to the completion.

It's fantastic!

Это хорошая игра, от которой хочется большего!

The watercolor art is very good. I look forward to completion

Nice banana! When will the war end?

There was a scream at the end

There are some bugs, but it was a lot of fun!

I'm glad the cat came home!

It was a little too easy, but it made me feel nostalgic!

NES style is irresistible

I gave up on platinum after stage 5 because it was so difficult.

It was fun with a moderate level of difficulty.

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Great game! The last part was very difficult.

I made a few mistakes, but I enjoyed playing until the end! Please continue the project!

It's a bit slippery but it's a good game!

Nice game!

It was fun to have to die to avoid the paradox.


I cleared it! The second half was especially difficult!

Cute puzzle!

There was a bug that could not jump in this situation.

Nice game! Nice pumpkin!

It was difficult to control. But it was fun to be able to move freely!

Simple and cool puzzle! I want more stages!

It was a very good puzzle. I had a hard time getting used to the rules.

Nice game! Nice reward!

I love this cute puzzle. Level11.19  was difficult.

I love this graphic!

It's a very good game.Level 6 was difficult and I was lucky to clear it.

Very cool game! 

This is a great puzzle! The last stage was very difficult.

A very cute puzzle game! 

I like this game!

Nice retro game!