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just take me back to the main menu after the final fight, loading just brings me to my last save, hmm.

Only thing I can think of would be Secret Horse Files. I like these styles of games and was wondering if anyone knew any other good ones (or maybe a tag I can search).

It would be nice if we could go around the island after the final part of the game (especially if we didn't get the other scenes)

ah, ok

Where does she go?

on Andriod, every time I try to do mini game, it crashes. not sure why but its pretty much a soft lock for family day.


How do I get funds?

oh, well that sucks. :\

This is probably not the place to ask, but did you remove your stuff from e6?

any idea on when a sale might happen?

Ok, Thanks

Hole Dweller community · Created a new topic Save data

Is there a way to start over?

Should I start a new game for this?

any idea when that will be ready?


demo anywhere?

I just figured out that quiting the game deletes it.

Hope I tasted good. can't open the game now though as it seems the game was consumed too.

is there no demo?

hope this gets more updates

big sad :(

has this been removed?

wish there were more games like this