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^^ That means a lot to us to read. 

Maybe one day there will be a guide for endings, but aside from the (admittedly somewhat esoteric) ending image, but there is not currently one in the works.

Added some images for you ^^

There is an established lesbian relationship between Ash and Terra, you can pursue 2 different folk with Bel (with a sneaky, tiny 3rd way to go that is short), and Aelf courts his own gay love interest.

An short, atmospheric game that I enjoyed sailing through~

The second game follows Jill, Owen, Marcus in Ripley as they search for Tyrone. Tulip makes an appearance, and is a main character in the 2nd story for part 2 which is currently being created thanks to a Kickstarter stretch goal.

Thank you for the heads up!

That's the plan for everyone to come back! Thank you for playing ^^

Yes! :3

So glad you liked it :D Thank you for doing a play through of it!

This was a surprisingly cute, refined and entertaining game. Nice work! :3

We are indeed! You can follow us on one of these many sites.