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Where is the Game?  I have tried several times to re-download it but am not able to!  How can I get it back?

The cover picture almost (ALMOST) looks like Michael Jackson!

eh-heh P)

It's OK, you're not wasting my time.  I appreciate you responding to my question.   I had it working before on another computer but upgraded to a gaming computer.  I'm an old Hippie who just loves Old School stuff.  :D  Thank you.

How do I run this game? I have Java.

How do you play this game?

Is it just my imagination, or do the walls keep CHANGING!?  

I see new walls appearing and other walls disappearing into thin air!  Crazier still, sometimes I walk past a wall and then turn around and when I look back the wall is gone and only the posts are left!  It's a really Cool looking game and I love the 4D, but I can't help but wonder how one can find the end of the maze with rotating walls??

How do you play the game? Where are the Instructions?

I figured out how to pick things up.  Nice game, just a little too short.  It would be great if it was a bit longer.

HOW do you pick things up (i.e. Key, etc.)??

How do you play this game?

What are the Controls? 

HOW do you play this game?

I would LOVE to play this game!  I would LOVE to buy it.  PLEASE do Whatever you have to, to make this game available! ;_)

Error "Requires Administrative Rights" to play game error (?) What's up with this!?