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Thank you, it works!

It is kind of sensitive though as is the nodding and head shaking. It maybe my mouse but it often takes several (distracting) attempts to get the speed and accuracy of the mouse movements right. Maybe as an alternative we could simply have a clickable option "Yes" "No" "Assume the position" etc? Or just keyboard options Y/N O=Obey?

Of course different folk will like different input methods but surely providing alternatives would do no harm (as long as they don't conflict with each other)?

About to play the full game so I'll see how I get on :-)

Got to the point where I'm told "Arms behind your head" - no idea how to do that playing with a keyboard and mouse????

Demo looked good up to that point but not so keen on buying the full game if I can't play it without VR (and I assume there are more complex movements to be found later!