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Text alignment looks like it should be easy enough to add without adding too much to the base size! I've created a request ticket on the project so I can keep it in mind when I'm working on the next update!

I'm so glad to hear that!

And video embeds are all so wildly different that it'd frankly be impossible to handle them all—those you'll unfortunately need to just add using HTML by yourself... Sorry about that!

Ohh I see, I didn't know about this. Well, there are many tutorials on the internet explaining how to do it. I will check those if I ever need to embed something. Thank you for taking your time to explain it.

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Oh, I wasn't expecting such a nice reply this fast :)

Hmm, let me think about it. Actually, there are few things in my mind if added I would very appreciate. Text alignment and insert table buttons in the toolbar. I couldn't see these mentioned on wiki and I am guessing you can do these things easily in html & css. But you know, these two "buttons" are very common and useful like here even this text editor has it. If you don't want to, I would gladly understand though. It is still the best wiki app for me. And I don't mind the update frequency, this is a completely free project you are working on anyway :)

Ah almost forgot, ability to embed videos and link gifs would be awesome too. Thanks again! Have a nice day.

Feather Wiki community · Created a new topic Thank you!

I see that this amazing program got far less attention than it deserves sadly. It has easily become one of my favorites because; it is incredibly simple & easy to use and has all the most essential features. Creating wikis, diaries, fictional worlds, just anything in this program will be in perfect order thanks to the nesting and tagging system. It only takes 55kb of space and I haven't encountered any performance issues. In summary, this program is much much better, simpler, cleaner than the other programs I've tried.

I'm writing here just to say thank you for making and updating this awesome tool.