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oh doesn't matter, it's just the original game. Kind of a scam

nice 👌

Hey, just wondering if this is the full version so like it is on steam

As a fellow member of china i approve of this test and i am totally not just saying that to get more social credit points I swear!! (please don't kill me)

good game! no music tho : / I like the character and the inspirational quotes along the way.

nice thanks!

just saying, i went on some illegal website and got this game for free

i'll help you out, you open it up in your folder, it should be in downloads double click it, press extract eventually it will finish extracting - doesn't take to long then the extracted (zipped) version of it should pop up and you double click that and you'll be playing it!

this is windows tho, if you have a different laptop you might be screwed

Oh yeah, im using the browser version, i will download it on my windows once it gets properly fixed, then i will let you know whether the downloaded version works or not

the game looks great, but i can't play it because of a bug where the screen is just black

haha, yeah i kept on trying and i ended up getting 8755

still not great but im real crap at these games

i disagree with the difficulty suggestion, i love this game and i think it is hard enough as it is im not very good, so far my score is 2600 - highest the game is really hard for me

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this game is so fun and amazing! i loved the atmosphere, the characters, the story and all the crazy shit that happened! so good! great idea and super freaky!


oh no, we don't talk about that one around these parts

420 = cringe

lol 😂

mines 549 U??

nice, i will be looking forward to it!! : )

nice! love ur games mate!! : )

Yees! I DID IT!!! i got all the endings and i've beaten the game : )

does that mean your gonna update ur games more and stuff?!

is the entire game just monika shaking her head or is there a way to start the game?

the guy hav smol wee wee lol

cool thanks for telling me! oopsie, yeah i meant the right staircase

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cool thanks a bunch i think i understand how to get another ending now, also does dying by night time count as an ending? you said you need those coins for 3 out of 4 of the endings so i guess not

update: i now have only one more ending to go, i've got the well/normal ending, the other well ending, not really sure what the endings are called but i also got that ending where you choose the left staircase

i've gotten 2 endings now and i have absolutely no idea on how to get a different ending, is it ok if you tell me or at least give me a good hint?

yeah lol

what button do you press to open doors?

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how do i jump in this game??

haha yeah lol

well i reported u back lol

but then it would be a bunch more difficult to run and ppl who have crappy computer's wont be able to play it

ngl i thought it was kinda thicc

yep, i definitely will come back to get more endings : )

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yes! i finally beat the game after a buncha days! i'll probably come back to get another ending : )

Also, incredible job! i really wanna see what ur future games and stuff are gonna be like bc ur first one was great! once u know what to do and stuff it's no TOO hard

the enemies are pretty cool as well

like, the very very first part in the game. where you first see red boi and white boi together

im stuck at the start and cant go anywhere. what am i supposed to do?