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Itchy Gamer

A member registered Jun 16, 2018

Recent community posts

It's a great game, Just needs a lot of updates. So i'll be looking forward to those!

Very cool game, just needs some work. Keep it up Light-Loop!!!

I love these kinds of game, their so fun!!!

It's a good, decent game. I would like to see more updates and bug fixes but other than that, it's good!

Awesome game! I love it!!!!!!!!!!

Great game! I love it!!!!!

Very fun game! I love it! Reminds me of Toy Story...

Fun game, but there is an easy way to win...  Might want to take that out Ben!

We've all got the Skillz to pay the bills... ;D

Very fun and cool game, just how exactly do you control the other player (that would be useful)?

Very cool.

Very funny and quite awesome...

Very awesome!

Very, um... Childhood-memory-bring-back type-game.

Very cool and funny!

Very cool, just not the same. That's all i'm gonna say.

Wow, i've never play a Star Wars classic! Very exciting!!!

Very helpful...

Pretty cool!

An awesome game!

Pretty cool shooter game, I must say.

Pretty cool, I think it needs a little bit more work, but com'on! It's still in development! :)

It's a decent game, that's all i'm gonna say.