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Itchy Gamer

A member registered Jun 16, 2018

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It's a great game, Just needs a lot of updates. So i'll be looking forward to those!

Very cool game, just needs some work. Keep it up Light-Loop!!!

I love these kinds of game, their so fun!!!

It's a good, decent game. I would like to see more updates and bug fixes but other than that, it's good!

Awesome game! I love it!!!!!!!!!!

Great game! I love it!!!!!

Very fun game! I love it! Reminds me of Toy Story...

Fun game, but there is an easy way to win...  Might want to take that out Ben!

Pretty fun, just needs a lot of work. That's all!

We've all got the Skillz to pay the bills... ;D

Very fun and cool game, just how exactly do you control the other player (that would be useful)?

Very cool.

Very funny and quite awesome...

Very awesome!

Very, um... Childhood-memory-bring-back type-game.

Very cool and funny!

Very cool, just not the same. That's all i'm gonna say.

Wow, i've never play a Star Wars classic! Very exciting!!!

Very helpful...

Pretty cool!

An awesome game!

Pretty cool shooter game, I must say.

Pretty cool, I think it needs a little bit more work, but com'on! It's still in development! :)

It's a decent game, that's all i'm gonna say.