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Hi there. The visuals, art, sound are all on point. How long did it take create all that art? Just curious. But what was more harder? Creating all that art or creating the story around it?

Hi there. The graphics and art are visually stunning. May I ask how long it took to make your art? What was harder? Coming up with a story for the novel or making all that art for the novel?

The art is simple yet clear. Suits the theme you're going for. May I ask, what was the most challenging aspect of working on this visual novel? Was it creating all the art or something else entirely?

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Hi there. I saw a trailer of your visual novel "Tiny Bunny". The art in it is amazing. How did you make it? And how long did it take to make? What was the hardest part of making the visual novel? Sorry for the barrage of questions. You're project is visually stunning and simply want to understand how you made it : ).

Can I still participate?

I'm trying to contact you. Do you have an email or something?

Hi, do you have an email or something where I can contact to you?

I sent you an email at that address. 

Hey there, I'm trying to get in touch with regarding an opportunity. Where can I contact you?

Hey I'm trying to get in touch with you. Do you have some way for me to contact you?