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well thank you dear sir for making games and making them available for us to play and enjoy.

0:50 is my best time. strategy is to take the first fish on the right and deposit it right away before going to the left side. then it will respawn right when you need it to complete to 10.

I eventually gave up on this game, the quizz not resuming where you failed eventually got me. Also the unnecessary animations and repeated buttons click make the grinding in dungeon tedious, even navigating the menus gets annoying after a while.
IMHO, this gets too repetitive and needs shortcuts and faster gameplay.
I would suggest playing kingdom of loathing to gather a few clues and pointer from their game design.

Other than those points, this is a nice game, you can tell the dev invested heart and effort to make it. fun and enjoyable experience if you can get over the point where it gets repetitive (dungeons, and navigating menus).

nice little game, with a tendency to cheat in the highest stakes level where you can expect the vampire to be in the row/column with 2x2 highlight bonus token, often intersecting the only other power comparison token. (usually 4 times out of 5)

to beat the game in a timely fashion:

- as soon as you can move up to higher stake (do not waste time on making more blood

- on level 2 and 3, simply clear the row with the 2x2 bonus token which either gives you the vamp location or you face a guess situation. don't guess, keep your blood to play the next level.

- on level 4 the vamp will be in the line of the 2x2 bonus token most of the time, here the strategy consist in not taking chances, as soon as you have to take a wild guess with 4 or less tiles remaining, pass.

- when you are over 4000ml, revert to a lower level, and resume previous strategy.