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damn, i'm excited for the 3d remaster, Stanton is gonna be especially hot in 3d

i got to 4288, more levels would be pretty good, but i like where it's at already lol

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That's hilarious, i guess the line somehow breaks out of the loop and continues rightward forever.

Edit: i found another one "Internal Serendipity"

aww, connor should have had some fun with the tentacles on the ground ;3

oof, i'm kind of sad that the nsfw portions are unfinished. but overall this was a pretty good start

i've been playing for a while and i was only able to turn 3 people, then i ate Ken and cried

ayy, not for me, but i'm really happy this exists for the people that need it. Minotaur Hotel is a fantastic vn and letting more people experience it is always great.

it's just the tiniest bit out of reach, and i can't start the game lol. other than that, this game looks awesome. there aren't a lot of nsfw parasite games so this is very welcomed

oof, is there a fullscreen button? my screen size is 1366 x 768 and i can't resize or pull the window up high enough to play lol

it's a nsfw game, what'd you expect? an empty   v o i d ? ? ?

sadly, it probably hasn't been ported to android

magical hell puppy 'w'

click and drag to fap him ;3

I think it's a cool effort. I did kind of expect there to be lewd scenes at one point xD

This kind of reminds me of Anubis and the Buried Bone

Hell yeah

I haven't played many HTML games, this was pretty cool

Nicholas' dick flopping around is hilarious, I love this game.


will this be NSFW?

has anyone gotten him to cum yet?

This made me feel sad. If there's a sequel, can we pet the werewolf?

oof, it's not loading for me

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yeah, but it's only in text. this isn't really a porn game

Hell yeah, this game is awesome


Great game! Mushroom route was my favorite.

will there be an english translation?

eyyy we all got frog avatars :D