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Hey ! Thanks for anserwing. I've started to do the traduction, slowly but surely, and I still have some questions... 😅It will be esaier to explain with an example :

I've on a row the following cards: K♥; 17t, 2♠, 2t. If I place a 3t on the 2t, would the K♥ die, because there is more than 13♥on the row when overloaded, or he survive because the 2 cards aren't ♥ ?

Another question : shouldn't the maximum of ICE be augmented from 21 to (19t+18t=) 37, as it can be atteigned on advanced mode ? 

Thanks again for anserwing.

Hey !

The game is quite fun, I like it, but the rules of the base game are not all that clear (for me, a french-born, so it may be my fault)

With Cybermancy, it's easier to understand the base game, espcially for placing royals on corners, when their color isn't on the matrix.

I still have some questions : What about the hole in the middle of the matrix ? We just fill hit whenever we want ? Are we suppose to take out of the cards 3 royals ? The objective is "kill[ing] all the royals in the deck (all 3 jacks, 3 queens, and 3 kings)" but there are 4 J, Q and K...

PS : I might do (for myself at first) a French version of the rules, would you be interseted to put it with the other files ?

Hey! i'm a big fan of the game, and really enjoy the different languages the characters swear with. 

I especially enjoy the french, as a French myself, but some of the uses of terms just don't work...

 "J'en avoir plein le cul" is wrongly conjugate. You should say "J'en ai plein le cul". "avoir" is infinitive, so it can't be used in a conjugated sentence. 

"Hélas", meaning "Sadly", with something changing. Simply saying "Hélas !", as simply saying "Sadly!" doesn't mean anything. If you want to use has-been traditionnal words, for the caricature, you may replace it with "Sacrebleu !" (nobody says sacrebleu in french, be reassured), or, for more modern terms, "Flûte !" which is a polite version of "Merde !" meaning "Damn it !"

little last thing, in french, the exclamation point is seperated to the rest of the sentence with a space. Exemple : "Bonjour !", not "Bonjour!"

These are the more common errors, but they are more charming that offensive. Seeing you, english-speaking people, saying French words is very cute, cause the English accent in French is consider cute, as for the French accent in English (from what i know).

Anyway, thanks for your game !