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The music and art are great, and the core idea is cool and fun.
I think the controls might need a little tweaking - to me the way you turn is really un-intuitive, and I instinctively try to turn with respect to my rotation (i.e. pressing left when facing left and i want to turn downwards).
the current controls feel like they're supposed to emulate a joystick, and personally this makes it really hard to play for me.

I love the style, and the gameplay feels really good. the animation playing on success makes the game feel really responsive and alive.

I do agree with buxner that there needs to be a clear indication for the right moment to press. maybe a changing for the circle?

The path triggers are nice, but they feel stiff to me. I'm not sure exactly why, but maybe a larger hitbox and some inertia would give them a more sliding feel, which I think is desirable here.

Thanks, we'll try that out :)

Thanks :D

lol the health bar does fill, it's our "test mode" until we add lose and win screens

left player uses awd
right player used left up right

we should have probably started the game off on a screen explaining the controls and goal, we'll do it in a post-jam fix version