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I've have played and still play A LOT of games, not many can actually keep my interest, I downloaded this game and let it sit there for almost 2 weeks before deciding to finally give it a try. 4hrs later I realized I was sucked into it and actually enjoying myself! The only complaints I really have about it are these: 1. I dislike that the girls start off nude but then end up with stars over their parts. 2. Even if you get a perfect block you still receive a significant about of damage. 3. It is nearly impossible to get to know the girls to answer questions correctly,  ALSO along with that the nudge buttons dont seem to work at all. 4. It is extremely difficult to earn money to buy things you need to move along in dungeon's and battles. Other that that this game is pretty awesome, good job to everyone who worked on it. I'm not almost 10hrs into the game and still enjoying it, not something I've been able in a long time.