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Tis a shame. It was one of the few decent ones around. Understandable though. Hope things settle in the real world.

Welp, the Demo was really good. Terrible cliff hanger though.
I look forward to the full release. c:

That Vexx route left a terrible cliffhanger. Good game tho. =w=

Ooo, looks nice. owo
Always love having a choice of gender. x3

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Awesome. I can't wait. ^^

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A surprisingly fun game. Never expected to like it as much as I did.

My only complaint, not enough male partner choices. =3=

Any chance of more being added? Like a dominant male instead of just fems?

Also, I adore the little tiger boy. He's too much fun to tease. x3

It's a good demo. Good art, interesting story and characters.
I did the whole survey thing too. c:

I love this game. Great work. c:

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Well, it was an interesting demo. Quite the start there. xD

Love the art too. c:

This game was super interesting.
Nice work.

I like the demo.
Daniel is better then that other guy tho. xD

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Nope, you can't. Once you miss the opportunity it's gone. I did that in my first playthrough too.

I'd suggest just finishing it and doing it in another playthrough. c:

Beautiful art, interesting story and characters.
I look forward to the full release. c:

I like it so far. c:

You have to start over or load a save before you chose the wish.

You say choose later when she asks, then talk to the guy at the shrine, choose to pray for him, then speak with the Miko again and select pray for the guy at the shrine.

After that, it'll be night, rest or whatever else you want to do and talk to the guy at the shrine the next day for the sex toy.

I have everything for the game and I love it, there is just a couple problems.

When I try and look at the Shuu hot spring picture in the gallery, an error occurs.

Also, it is meant to be unvoiced and even with voices muted, Toru has annoying voice during the foreplay scenes, I am not fond of it at all. =w=

Played the Demo, loved it. Looking forward to the full release. c:

So far, I really like it. I am looking forward to the full game.

Mmn, I managed to get all endings but...I can't get the 2 secret achievements on steam. o^o