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a few ideas: 1) up-gradable turrets 2) more space to build (turrets cant be built on a 1 square area, 3) different type of turrets. the game is ok just not enough variety.

i like to add:: can't save progress. i know its early beta or whatever but you cant save your game. please add a save. 

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will there be a download available? i want to play it offline. 

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i gave myself some challenges: ( vanilla version )

1) beat the game ( completed )

2) complete the poke dex including all the unown Alphabet ( no yet completed )

3) the all poke cards colored ( not yet completed )

#3 is the hardest to finish -.-'

not sure if anyone else has noticed whenever you sell a card the cards in the box get shuffled around. not sure if it's a bug or not as it didn't happen in the previous version.

@General Banane can you share your sav file? also i have no idea what program you used to edit other than save edit online.

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@General Banane what did you do to your sav file to look like a spread sheet format? this is what i see with my file on the save editor website: any help is much appreciated. *edit* I'm using windows 8 tablet pc.

spaghetti code! i was messing around with the SAV data file to try to edit pokemon .... well i couldn't. i have no idea what is what. what i want to edit is: atk, hp, def, berry type / amount of berries. editing cash wasn't to hard just editing pokemon is impossible with spaghetti code. the game is fun. a few things could be added; sort pokemon by berries type, a way to tell what pokemon can evolve & can't, a poke dex maybe? to help players know what pokemon they are missing. those are just suggestions though. 

pls add cheats! it's fun but i always die so it needs cheats.

I'm pretty sure I am not pose to be up where I am but I wanted to see if it was even possible. :d

needs support for controllers other than xbox. I'm trying to use 8bitdo snes controller and i could use some kind of plugin/support for it. other than that it's a beautiful game.