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yes share your belongings with the sloth

yes 95% of suggestions are planes, I would like to listen to suggestions of players but it's just not realistic because of the amount of poor suggestions :|

I'm not sure which plane you're talking about, but yes I constantly work on the game, even tho it gets updated every few months

Hey, I'm working on it, it should be out before 2022

I would not brag about it myself because it's just there thanks to my lack of maths and physics knowledge. But yes, I agree it gives a lot of difficulty and having mathematically perfect controls like war thunder would isn't that great.

Moving the mouse slowly and using awsd help. You can nullify it with practice

The gunsight one is the one I consider the most. Planes are shacky because I don't have enough knowledge to find the correct equations to make them stable. Rpm indicator yes !

Much appreciated, thank you!

Come back on the server !!! We miss you !! 

Of course I will keep working ! Join the discord server if you wanna discuss with us