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Oh sweet, I loved the original so this will be awesome!

I didn't have any expectations going into it, but this was a really lovely, short game. I loved the messaging bits, the story there, but I'm also intrigued about the whole cat website bit- why is it like that? Why can't I just interact with my cats in real life? are the cats real or some kind of game? I'd love to know more, and play more if a sequel was made.

Ouch! The first was a really nice meet-cute but dang, this hurt. I've been on both ends of similar kinds of feelings and wow. That's rough. Looking forward to seeing how things pan out for him!

I've never seen someone with the same boundaries as me represented before, or met someone like that, or even had my boundaries truly respected.  This game has kind of made me feel like it's possible? I might cry XD thank you for that /pos

This is adorable, I love it so much!!! I'm going to play the sequel immediately lol, already very excited!

Wow. That was insanely good, I didn't expect to love it as much as I did tbh. The art was great, the writing was great, just aaagh it was so good, highly recommend! 

How can I save? I was loving this game, then went to quit and couldn't find a way to save the game so lost all my progress. This game is so cute and I wanna keep playing, help! qwq

This was adorable! I loved it so much 8)

This game was great! The descriptions are AMAZING, all the characters are well written and lovable

Loved this game! Got it in the bundle and just got around to finally playing it, it was fun and creepy, I LOVE the art, love horror games set in schools cuz school is already pretty horrifying in itself haha. I only played it once because there is only one ending. Totally looking forward to the full game, will the complete version have multiple endings?